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Course Title:  Writing II         

Course Code: Eng 132  

Number of credit hours: 2 X 2 = 4



I-  Course Description:


This course aims at training students to write well-organized and meaningful  topic sentences, ending sentences and paragraphs about certain themes or topics of interest, such as living in another culture, good health, and success in business---etc. Stress is laid on writing topic sentences, supporting ideas, note-taking, editing, coherence, gathering information & exploring ideas. The writing activities provided in this course book are designed to promote students' critical thinking skills, encourage them to explore their own ideas about the chapter theme and eventually produce meaningful  opening, ending sentences and paragraphs. To achieve this aim, free writing topics related to students' own life, knowledge and environment will be emphasized.


II- Rationale:


One of the aims of the EFL program is to enhance and develop students’ language skills. Like listening and reading, free reading activities are stressed in this course in order to promote students’ critical thinking and develop their important scrutinized reading abilities on multifarious topics related to their daily life situations.


III-Course Objectives:


By the end of this course, English majors are expected to be able to:


1- write very good topic sentences on various subjects.

2- write very good examples of concluding sentences.

3- write more interesting, cohesive, coherent ad unified paragraphs.

4- use style and continuity.

5- organize their ideas in a more systematic way.

6-write descriptions, articles, narratives and essays of multiple paragraphs.

7- learn novel vocabulary & develop some writing skills.

8-have the ability to write journal articles.

9-distinguish between facts & opinions.

10- be provided with a wide variety of strategies for clear, effective writing.  


IV-Calendar, Course Contents and Assignment Specifications:





First week

  • First session:

 Introduction to the course


·        Second session:

 Education and Student Life

( small & large colleges)

Students are to:

- go over the course syllabus.

- go over various types of writing  opening, concluding sentences.

- spell the words correctly.

-use correct sentence connectives & transitions.


- utilize the basic writing skills.

- write a draft about merits & demerits of small & large colleges.

- use transition words.

- avoid overgeneralizations.

Second week

  • First session:

  Education and Student Life

( small & large colleges)







  • Second session:

City Life

 ( description of places)



Students are to:

- edit the first drafted paragraph for content & organization.

- use the checklists at the back of the book.

- edit the second paragraph for grammar, form.

- discuss the errors n groups.


-         to describe scenes.

-         to classify sense details.

-         write opening, concluding sentences on describing places.

-         give reasons.

-         vary word order in sentences.

Third week

  • First session:

 City Life

( description of places)




·        Second session:

       Business & Money

       ( letter to editor)

Students are to:

- look at photos, in groups discuss questions

- identify and describe places

- correct run-on sentences.

- read some sample paragraphs

- write similar paragraphs using sense details.


-          discuss attitudes towards money.

-          write reaction to a text selection.

-          analyze the organization of a letter

-         state obligations & opinions.

Fourth week


  • First session:

 Business and Money

       ( sayings & proverbs about money)








·        Second session:

        Jobs & Professions

 (achievements& accomplishments)

Students are to:

- look at photos, in groups discuss questions

-  discuss the values embedded in the quotations about money.

- support opinions with general facts & examples

- support opinions predictions.

-  write a paragraph about one of collected quotations on money.



- look at photos, describe the people, places, and activities in them

- discuss accomplishments.

- imply qualities.

- limit information.

- omit unimportant ideas.

- use correct capitalizations.

Fifth  week

  • First session:

 Jobs and Professions

 ( applying  for a job)





·        Second session:

       Lifestyles Around the World

       ( lessons & experiences)

Students are to:

- describe accomplishments.

- write a reply to a job or a college application in a form of unified paragraph.

- use demonstratives.



-          discuss lessons people learn from experience.

-          analyze morals of a story.

-          learn new concepts: digressions, distractions. 


Sixth week

  • First session:

 Lifestyles around the World

 ( an anecdotes)




·        Second session:

 Global Connections

( globalization)

Students are to:

-  use details to make writing more lively.

-  avoid digressions & unimportant details.

-  write an anecdote.




-         expand a definition.

-         define terms.

-         list information.

-         use the correct part of speech.

-         use restrictive relative clauses.

Seventh  week

  • First session:

 Global Connections

  (effects of globalization)






·        Second session:





Students are to:

- look at photos, describe the people, time, periods, and activities

- concentrate of giving specific examples in writing.

-  write a paragraph about effects of globalization.



      - go over different terms & concepts covered               in the  previous chapters.



  • First session:

     Language & Communication

    ( interview someone)




·        Second session:

 Language & Communication

(experience of living in a foreign country)


Students are to:

-         interview someone.

-         ask questions about appropriate topics.

-         divide a composition into paragraphs.

-         keep to one subject.



-         use gerunds in parallel constructions.

-         use would, used to  to describe habitual actions in the past.

-         use gerunds as subjects.

-         use transitions, subordinating conjunctions.

-         write about someone’s experience living abroad.



Ninth  week

  • First session:

Tastes and Preferences

( a basis of comparison)









·        Second session:

      Tastes and Preferences

   ( comparing two types of houses)

Students are to:

- find a basis of comparison.

- list the similarities & dissimilarities.

- analyze the organization of a composition.

- use comparatives & superlatives.

- use Both, Neither.                     

- use expressions of contrast: While,

   In contrast, On the other hand.




- write a composition of comparing two types of houses.

Eleventh  week





  • First session:

           New Frontiers

         ( planets)








·        Second session:

     New Frontiers

( description of planets)

Students are to:

- obtain information from pictures, diagrams, and tables.

- speculate the most elementary ingredients for life.

- vary word order

- give reasons: Because of, Because, Unlike.




- edit a paragraph.

- write a description of planets.


Eleventh  week

  • First session:

Medicine, Myth, and Magic

( beliefs)







·        Second session:

 Medicine, Myth, and Magic

      ( a composition taking a stand)



Students are to:

- discuss beliefs.

- make a persuasive argument.

-  use quotations & indirect speech.

-  use transitions & give examples.

-  make generalizations.




-         write a composition taking a stand.

-         edit for content, organization, grammar, and form.



  • First session:

The Media

(a news event)





  • Second session:

       The Media

       ( a newspaper article)

Students are to:

- discuss a news event.

-  distinguish facts from opinions.

- distinguish between restrictive & non-restrictive relative clauses.




-          provide copies of magazines & newspapers.

-          Write a newspaper article.



  • First session:

With Liberty and Justice for All

 (a community problem)







·        Second session:

With Liberty and Justice for All

( a proposal to solve a community problem)


Students are to:

-   discuss community problems.

-  determine realistic solutions.

-  count objections.

- use linked expressions & transitions.

- contrast ideas & show Cause & Result.

      - write a concluding paragraph.





- write a proposal to solve a community problem.




Oral & Written Final Examinations






V- Evaluation:


Attendance and participation


Homework  & Assignments


Midterm exam


Final Exam





VI- Required texts:

Textbook: Interactions 2. Writing (Middle East edition) by Elaine Kirn and Pamela Hartmann


VII- Instructional Procedures:

1.      Communicative writing techniques will be involved in this course

2.       Students will read, speak and write about relevant topics of certain interests.

3.      Rules of opening, ending sentences& paragraph writing will be stressed  ( i.e. topic sentences,      paragraph body, and concluding sentences.)

4.      Individual and group writing activities will be conducted with emphasis on discussions, sharing ideas and error proofreading methods.   

VIII- General Course Requirements:

1.      Every student is expected to be a no passive participant in class discussions, writing assignments and all class work.

2.      All assignments should be submitted on time and no late ones should be accepted.

3.      No make-ups will be allowed.

4.      All tests and quizzes will be assigned and registered by the teacher. 


IX- Internet sites for teaching English as a second or foreign language:










X- References:


1-     Writing English : A Composition Text  in English as a Foreign Language,

        by : Janet Ross & Gladys Doty.


2-      Guided Writing & Free Writing: A Text in Composition for English as a Second

Language,  by: Lois Robinson





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