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Course Title:  Writing 1

Course Code: Eng (131)

Number of credit hours:  ( 4 )



I-  Course Description:

This course aims at training students in simple and correct written expression. Stress in this course is laid on writing correct sentences and paragraphs on topics related to daily life such as writing about one’s classmate, describing pictures, special foods for holidays and writing a letter to a friend. Students are also trained to write the topic sentence, supporting sentences and conclusions. They are also trained to combine and edit sentences or


II- Rationale:

Since writing is an exploration or organization of thoughts, students in this course will be training to think logically and critically to help organize their ideas on paper. Spelling problems and other difficulties will be dealt with in order to improve the ability of the students writing and help them write correctly and meaningfully. This course will hopefully help students overcome many of the obstacles and difficulties that hinder their progress in writing.     


III-Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, English majors are expected to be able to


1-     Master the paragraph format with its topic sentence, supporting details and concluding statement.

2-     Develop cohesion and style so that ideas in a written paragraph are logically arranged.


3-     Combine sentences by using appropriate conjunctions, transition words and correct grammatical sentences


4-     Editing sentences for form, content and organization.


IV-Calendar, Course Contents and Assignment Specifications:





First week

  • First session: 

Introduction to the course


·        Second session:

Chapter 1          Part 1+2


Students are to:

-         Organizing ideas Fact Vs Opinion

-         Topic sentences

-         Using “And” to connect phrases

Second week

  • First session:

Chapter 1           Part 3

·        Second session:

Chapter 1           Part 4


Students are to:

-         Editing and revising first draft

-         Editing sentence and paragraph form

-         Writing second draft

Third week

  • First session:

Chapter 2            Part 1


·        Second session:

Chapter 2            Part 2


Students are to:

-         Discuss paintings by answering questions

-         Writing a paragraph description of “Watson and the Shark”

-         Underline prepositional phrases

Fourth week


  • First session:

Chapter 2             Part 3

·        Second session:

Chapter 2            Part 4

Students are to:

-         Describing nouns using adjectives

-         Edit  using “Editing Checklist”

-         Write second draft. Using correct form.


Fifth  week

  • First session:

Chapter 3             Part 1

·        Second session:

Chapter 3            Part 2 + 3


Students are to:

-         Write about typical food in city/country

-         Write first draft describing holiday foods using appositives


Sixth week

  • First session:

Chapter 3            Part 4

·        Second session:

Chapter 4           Part 1


Students are to:

-         Adding commas to appositives

-         Write description of their city using expressions “There is” “There are”.

Seventh  week

  • First session:

Chapter 4           Part 2

·        Second session:

Chapter 4          Part 3 + 4



Students are to:

-         Select correct verb tense

-         Finding prepositions in paragraph

-         Writing letters to a friend describing weekend activities and directions to home.



  • First session:

      Midterm Test

·        Second session:

Chapter 5         Part 1


Students are to:

-         Create timeline

-         Writing about important events in their lives.



Ninth  week

  • First session:

Chapter 5         Part 2

·        Second session:

Chapter 5        Part 3 + 4


Students are to:

-         Organize Timeline information into paragraph.

-         Using past tense.

-         Write first draft about their life using topic sentence and editing list.

Eleventh  week





  • First session:

Chapter 6         Part 1

·        Second session:

Chapter 6        Part 2

Students are to:

-         Retell folktale in our own words after reading it .

-         Combine sentences using “When” or “While”

-         Write first draft about folktale using 3 guidelines.


Eleventh  week

  • First session:

Chapter 6        Part 3 + 4

·        Second session:

Chapter 7       Part 1



Students are to:

-         Edit and revise each others changes


-         Discuss different kind of medical treatment


-         Select best topic sentence for paragraph about hero’s.



  • First session:

Chapter 7       Part 2

·        Second session:

Chapter 7      Part 3 + 4


Students are to:

-         Combine sentences of relative pronouns “Who” “That”

-         Write first draft about traditional treatments

-         Edit and revise paragraph using transitional words



  • First session:


·        Second session:



Students are to:



  • First session:


·        Second session:

Final Exam


Students are to:


V- Evaluation:


Attendance, homework and participation

                     10 %

Midterm Exam

                     30 %

 Final Exam

                     60 %




                     100 %


VI- Required texts:

Interactions 1          Writing , 4th edition  “Middle Eastern Edition” By Cheryl Pavlik



VII- Instructional Procedures:


Communicative writing techniques will be involved in this course. Students will read, speak and write about relevant topics of certain interest. Rules of paragraph will be emphasized (Topic sentence, body, and conclusion). Independent writing and group writing activities will be conducted and discussions, sharing ideas and error correction techniques.


VIII- General Course Requirements:

Each student is expected to be an active participant in the course. He should submit assigned written work on the specified due date. Midterm and final exams will be given. No make-ups will be allowed.


IX- Internet sites for teaching English as a second or foreign language:










X- References:


1-     Writing English : A Composition Text  in English as a Foreign Language,

        by : Janet Ross & Gladys Doty.


2-      Guided Writing & Free Writing: A Text in Composition for English as a Second

Language,  by: Lois Robinson




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