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Curriculum Vitae



Persona  Detail:


: Amani Ahmed Alghamdi

Date of Birth

: 1981/04/26

Place of Birth




Marital Status

: Married

E-mail Adress




A self motivated biochemistry graduate student with good background on cellular and molecular immunology. Has experience in the associated materials characterisation techniques (mass spectrometry, ELISA, and gel electrophoreses). Has a master degree consists of a laboratory-based research project. The master research project was aimed to assess new protease substrate models coupled with immunological technique for the analysis of proteases. The study evaluated the use of an antigen, antigen-antibody complex or antibody molecules as substrates for proteases enzymes. The study showed that ELISA using these substrates models provided a rapid and sensitive method for measuring and detecting different proteases enzyme.


Permanent Address:


Saudi Arabia


Work  Address:


Department of Biochemistry


King Saud University


College of Science




Saudi Arabia



Contact me:



: +966 5 90059997




- B.Sc. (2004)   BSc Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, School of         Health and Life Science, King’s College London, UK.

- M.Sc. (2006)  MSc Molecular Life Science Research, Department of Biomedical & Health Sciences, King’s College London, UK.


Research Interest:

1-     Cancer Cell biochemistry

2-     Stem Cell biochemistry


Computers Skills:


Systems: UNIX, PC: Windows XP

Packages: Chem Draw, Chemwindow

Computer Modelling Chem.

Presentations: PowerPoint

Spreadsheets: Excel, SigmaPolt     

Word processing: MS Word, Word Perfect


Current Work:

Lecturer , Biochemistry Dept, College of Science, King Saud University




Teaching :

- Undergraduate courses in Biochemistry.




Al-Ghamdi, A. & Abuknesha, R., Assessment of Antibody-Antigen Models Substrate System for the Detection of Proteases, Journal of Immunological Methods, in Press.


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