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إلى طالبات 282 كيح شعبة (1889) لقد تم تغير موقع مكتب الاستاذه اماني الغامدي الى الدور الاول مبنى 8 مكتب رقم 656


أستاذة المقرر

أ.أماني الغامدي



BCH 282 Biochemistry of Nutrition



(2+0) credit-hours.


Energy of food, and its determination.


Proteins and fats of diets and their physiological effects. Energy balance.

Water balance and sodium and potassium output.

Minerals and trace elements in diets and their regulation to prevent epidemic diseases.

Vitamins and their importance.

Food poisoning.



Building 6  1st Floor Rm 489  


Exam  Time

Cat  I  :  19-11-1430H   7-11-2009

Cat 2 :   9-1-1430H   26-12-2009

 Exam Mark

First CAT: 20 Marks

Second CAT: 20 Marks

Final: 40 Marks

Cours work: 20 Marks

Total =   100 marks

lecture note 

Microsoft PowerPoint - introduction to the course.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - body composition Lecture 1.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - food energy Lecture 2 [وضع التوافق].pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - Dietary Reference Intakes [وضع التوافق].pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - carbohydrate  Lecture 3 [وضع التوافق].pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - carbohydrate 2  Lecture 4.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - Lecture 8 [وضع التوافق].pdf  (protein and lipids lecture)

Microsoft PowerPoint - water and electrolyte 1.pdf

 Microsoft PowerPoint - Minerals in the body.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - Minerals in the body 2.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - Minerals in the body 3.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - Fat Soluble vitamins 1.pdf

Microsoft PowerPoint - water soluble vitamins 2.pdf

Food intoxication 1111111111111111.pdf

Determine TDEE and BMI.pdf

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