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نموذج إختبار وأجوبة الفترة الثانية               

1) Complete the sentences . Use the words in parenthesese . Use the the simple present  tense or the present progressive tense :

A) I (sit) am sitting  in class right now . I ( sit,always) always sit in the same seat every day .

B) Ali ( speak) speaks Arabic, but right now he (speak) is speaking English .

C) Fahad (study) studies English every day .



2) Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets :


A- Nick usually works (work) long hours .

B- Ali and I are having (have) lunch now .

C- Mother  makes ( make) the beds everyday .

D- They drive ( drive ) to the beach everyday .

E- He goes (go) to the cinema twice a week .


3) Fill in How much, how many, a few, a little, some or any .


1  A: How many carrots do you need ?

     B: Just a few

2  A: Can I have some ice, please ?

    B:  yes, of course .

How many apples do you need, sir ?

    B: Just a few , please .

4  A : I'd like some bread, please .

    B : Yes, of course . How much would you like ?



                                                                                     4)  Fill in  were, was or was not

A  : Were you at home last night ?

B  : No, I wasn't  . I was at a restaurant .

A  : Who were you with ?

B  : I was with Claire .

A  : How was  the food ?

B  : Well, it wasn't very nice . It was horrible .




Good Luck








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