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                                                             CURRICULUM VITEA                             


Name:               Sami Suliman Alsulmi

Tel:                    4675203



Qualification :  Bachelor of English Language and Translation, Qassim University  

 Experience   :  English Instructor, Saudi Aramco Company, Dhahran                                                                     

                        Medical translator, Bukiriah Hospital, Qassim

                        Military Translator, Vinnell Company 

Courses         :  An academic course in skills of English Language, Canada

                        A course entitled " The art of treatment with people ", Saudi Arabia

Research Interests :

-   English Literature  and writing short stories .

-  Handicaps of learning English Language in S.A.  


Articles and short stories :

-    Unmemorable point of light " A short story "

-    Learning an English Language 


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