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Course Description: Najm 101


Course Name

Najm 101: General English

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Core book

Enterprise – 1, Virginia Evans / Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing, London, 2000.


This is an elementary-level general English course for undergraduate students who register in the Colleges of Arts, Education, Administrative Sciences and Agriculture. It is the first university level course in English for general category of students and it combines all the four language skills with the basic thrust on functional grammar.

            The course provides integrated skills (productive and receptive) necessary for basic communication in both oral and written forms of the language. Emphasis on systematic learning of grammar and vocabulary is balanced with development of linguistic sub-skills. The course ensures the coverage of common and useful language related topics of general interest with which the students are expected to be familiar with. It encourages students to develop sub-skills such as reading or listening for gist or for specific information, and use new vocabulary in a meaningful context. On completion of the course students should have reasonable ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


General objectives of the course:

With the completion, learners should be able to

 inculcate the habit of reading in English, mostly at the general level.

develop autonomous skills of reading.

develop mostly general lexical skills

identify and write simple sentences and develop writing skills with special reference to spelling and writing short sentences.

concentrate while listening so as to develop general listening / speaking skills.

identify general ideas in the listening passage.

listen for specific details

be familiar with simple sentence structures, and common English tenses.

to talk about/describe different people or things, express their likes or dislikes.

to describe families, habits, routines, and ask and answer personal information.



The students will be given two mid-terms each carrying 20% of the total grade, and a final examination with 50% of the marks. The remaining 10% shall be allotted to attendance and participation.









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