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Address     :        Clinical Pharmacy Department

                          College of Pharmacy

                          King Saud University

                          P.O. Box 2457, Riyadh 11451

                          Saudi Arabia.


Tel:                    +966-1-4677460

Fax:                   +966-1-4677480

Mobile:              +966555459243





1989         :        Ph.D. in the area of Clinical Pharmacy


                          Queen's University of Belfast

                          Northern Ireland, U.K.


1986         :        M.Sc. in Clinical Pharmacy

                          Bradford University, England, U.K.


1981         :        B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

                          College of Pharmacy

                          King Saud University

                          Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Academic/Administrative Position


1989         :        Assistant Professor at Clinical Pharmacy Department

                          College of Pharmacy, King Saud University.


1993-1995         : Chairman of Clinical Pharmacy Department

                           College of Pharmacy, King Saud University.


1995-now :        Associate professor of the scientific continuing

                             and Research at the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society.      


1995-1998:        Member of Pharmacy Council. 1415-1418H.       


1997-1999         : President of Saudi Pharmaceutical Society.


2000-now :        Scientific Referee for the Saudi Pharamceutical Journal and Proposed researches submitted to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.


2002-2005         : President of Saudi Pharmaceutical society.


2004-now :        Consultant, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy.


1997-2005         : Director of Pharmacy Service at

                          King Saud University Hospitals

                          College of Medicine, King Saud University


2005-2006         : Director of Pharmacy and Laboratory,

                          King Khaled eye specialist Hospital, Ministry of Health. 


2006-now :        Vice Dean for administrative affairs,

                          College of Pharmacy, King Saud University


Active Membership


1989-now :        Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS)


1989-now :        United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association



1989-now :        American Society of Health System Pharmacists



Academic Works

-                  Teaching courses related hospital and Clinical

        Pharmacy topics for under and postgraduate, pharmacy students.


-                  Many Published articles and research in the area of hospital and Clinical Pharmacy.




2000-now:                     Head of inspection for good manufacturing practice (GMP). Ministry of Health.


1997-2005:           Chairman of organizing committee for the evaluation of exams for new pharmacists at King Saud University Hospitals, College of Medicine.


1997-2005:           Member of Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee at King Saud University Hospitals, College of Medicine.


1997-now:            Member of scientific Preparative committee for registration of Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and their produces. Ministry of Health.


1992-now:            Member of Requisition committee.


1993-now:            Member of College's Interviewing Committee.


1992-now:            Member of Department's Postgraduate Committee.


1991-1992:        Member of College's Academic Supervision Committee.


Published Research


1.     Juzar S. Kaka and Abdlatif A. Al-Dhawailie. Lack of effect of cimetidine and rantidine on pyrazinamide kinetics in rats. Saudi Pharamceutical Journal., Vol. 2, No.4, 179-82, October (1994).


2.              A. tekle, C.N. Aguwa and A. A. Al-Dhawailie. Effect of verapamil on gastriculcers in the rate. Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior., Vol.19, Nos. 3& 4, 131-39, (1994).


3.              E.A Hosny, N.M. Khan Ghilzai and A. A. Al-Dhawailie. Effective intestinal absorption of insulin in diabetic rats using enteric coated capsules containing sodium salicylate. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, Vol.21, No.13, 1583-89 (1995).


4.              Ayman Noreddin, Ahmed A. El-Salmaw, Leila Mansour, El-Sayed S. Hewy and Abdulatif A. Al-Dhawailie. Vitiligo: and Added risk factor to aminoglycosides ototoxicity. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal., Vol.3, No.1-2, 56-60, Jan-April, 1995.


5.              Yousry M. El-Sayed, M Wafik Gouda, Khalil I. Al-Khamis, Mohammed A. Al-Meshal, Abdulatif A. Al-Dhawailie, Sabah Al-Rayes, Salih A Bin-Salih and Khalid A. Al-Rashood, Compartive Bioavailability of two tablet formulations of ibuprofen. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics., Vol.33, No.5,294-98 (1995).


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8.              Najjar, T.A., Al-Dhawailie, A.A. and Tekle, A. Comparison of high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence polarization immunoassay for analysis of vancomycin in patients with chronic renal failure. Journal of chromatography B: Biomedical Applications.


9.              T.A. Najjar, O.A. Al-Sheikh, A.A. Al-Dhawailie and A. Shereif. Bioequivalence and pharmacokinetics of chlorpheneramine in healthy human volunteers. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics,  (1995).


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13.         Abdlatif A. Al-Dhawailie, Sabah M. Al-Rayes, Mohammed H Al-Haidery, Tawfeeg A. Najjar and Aymen Nourddin. A survey of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in Al-Sulimania Clinic Riyadh. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. Vol.3, No.4, 1995.


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16.         M. N. Al-Arifi, K.M. Al-Kharfy, S.A. Al-Suwayeh, K. A. Aleissa, E.I. Shabana, A. A. Al-Dhawailie M. I. Al-Hassan. Level of 210po in blood, urine and hair of some Saudi smoker. Journal of Radio analytical and Unclear Chemistry. Vol 269, No. 1(2006) 115-118   

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