Name: Nada Jehad Al Saleh

Date of birth: 02-11-1979

Marital Status: Married ( Mother for three children )

Nationality: Saudi Citizen

Education: Bachelor of Computer science ( Educational )

University: Education college – King saud University – Riyadh

Year of Graduation: First Semester , 1424 – 1425

Grade: 4.48 / 5 ( Honors )

Practical Evaluation: Excellent 


-        I worked in Al Ruwad School ( Elementary stage ) as a teacher for computer science.

-        I worked as a computer teacher in Melhim Government High School.

Recently job:

Assistant teacher in educational Technology department in king Saud University and  I am doing master degree in the same department.

Work experience:

-        I designed a site for school on internet for helping the students to enquire about their home works and their computer syllabus and to follow the latest advertisements.

-        I held a training seminar of one week for the teachers and administration staff of my high school, also I prepared thesis regarding the subjects and distributed for them.

-        I Issued a computer weekly magazine in the school containing up date news regarding the computer, all the students encouraged to write in it.

-        I Designed No. of computer guiding posters, for helping the student to learn about computer and was available on the notice board.

-        I arranged summer courser for the students with several new methods of activities regarding computer.

-        I got a prize from her Excellency princess Hessa Al Shaalan for the best teacher how is giving the best activities in Riyadh region.