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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


* Master in Medical Education (MME) 2011, College of Medicin, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSU-HS). Riyadh, kingdom of Saudia Arabia (K.S.A.).

* Saudi Specialty Certificate in Advanced restorative Dentistry (SSC-ARD) Oct. 2007. Saudi commission for Health Specialities (SCHS), Riyadh, (K.S.A.).

* Bachelor dental science (B.D.S.) July 13, 1996 College of Dentistry, king Saud University (K.S.U.) Riyadh, kingdom of Saudia Arabia (K.S.A.)                            

* 15Aug 1996 –3Aug 1997 internship program, College of Dentistry, K.S.U., K.S.A.


*Specialist in Advanced restorative Dentistry,University staff clinic (USC),king Saud University (K.S.U.), Riyadh, K.S.A. 2007-2010    

*Dentist, Directorate General of school health, M.O.E., Riyadh K.S.A.  Sep 1, 1997-2007  


* July 14,1997 Letter of commendation from ahead of internship program College of    Dentistry, K.S.U. 

            *1996 Certificate of ideal student K.S.U.

            *1996 Certificate of active student in culture affairs committees K.S.U.

            *1995 Certificate of active student in culture affairs committees K.S.U.      



 * 1995 Effecte of Diet and Nutrition in primary school, College of Dentistry, K.S.U.




1- 1994 “Anemia “, college of dentistry under graduate,  Riyadh, K.S.U.     

2- 1994 “The free gingival auto graft in the treatment of Mucogingival Problem “under graduate,

 College of Dentistry, K.S.U.

3- 1995 ”Replacement of missing teeth in children” College of Dentistry K.S.U 

4- 1997 “Prescribing for dental patient" College of Dentistry, Riyadh, K.S.U.      

5- 1998 “Oral health education program in summer school center (S.S.C)”,

Directorate General of school health ,M.O.E., K.S.A.  

6- 1998“Oral health education” S.S.C.,D.G.S.H., Riyadh, K.S.A.

7- 1999“ Emergency in dental clinic”, School health unit, D.G.S.H. ,Riyadh,  K.S.A.   

8- 1999 “ Commone oral Diseas in children “ D.G.S.H., M.O.E. Riyadh, K.S.A.

9- 2000 New dental material & equipment “ D.G.S.H. Riyadh ,K.S.A.



* 2003 "Infection control procedural manual in dental clinic".

                        * 1994 How to get more benefit from your vacations, aldawa magazine 



* Dec 1998 “ Infection control symposium “of M.O.H. Riyadh, K.S.A.

* Oct 1999 “ Annual scientific & membership meeting of S.D.S, Riyadh, K.S.A    

* 1999 3ed Annual health meeting, D.G.S.H, M.O.E., Taif, K.S.A.

* Nov 1999 “ Team facilitator workshop in quality management program” Of King khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (K.K.E.S.H.) Riyadh, K.S.A.

* February-  2000“ 11th   Saudi International Dental Meeting”, of S.D.S. Riyadh, K.S.A.

* Sep 2000 manegement of CLIII malocclusion ,saudi pediatric dentistry club (SPDC), K.S.A.

* Sep 2000 oral & dental health weak , M.O.H. Riyadh,K.S.A.                                                          

* Nov 2000 Tissue management and Whitening , S.D.S. Riyadh, K.S.A

*23-25 jan 2001 Annual Scintific & membership meeting, S.D.S.Riyadh, K.S.A.

*25 Jun-12 July 2001 children participating in health promotion in schools, institute of education ,University of London, London,U.K.         

*April 2002 The 7th Saudi dental congress ,M.O.H. Riyadh, K.S.A.

*Sept 2002 The 3ed alharamen doctors conference, alharamen Foundation  , Riydh , K.S.A.

* 2002   Introduction to epidemiology M.O.H. 

* Jan 2003 Rotary instrumentation &Obturation techniques

 * Jan 2003 Management of medically compromised patient in dental chair.

  * Jan 2003 Annual scientifc & membership meeting of S.D.S.

*Oct. 2003  Advance Implant Dentistry Current Concepts & Techniques. By: Dr. NICOLAS ELIAN

                    Pre clinical courses in Endodontic  & Prosthodontic &  Restorative   

*Jan. 2004 Non-surgical endodontic retreatment: decision making & problem solving in

            endodontics.   By: Dr. GERALD GLICMAN

*Jan.  2004 Diagnosis in endodontics & management of endodontic emergencies


*Jan.  2004 Management of medically compromised patient in dental chair. By: Dr. NASSER NOOH  &  

                             DR. AHMED AL-YAMANI

*Jan.  2004 Surgical & prosthetic management of the edentulous maxillae  By: PROF. NABIL BATAKAT      


*Jan.  2004 Introduction to temporomandibular dysfunction & orofacial pain


*Jan.  2004 The SDS Annual  scientific & membership meeting.

                        Head & neck anatomy. BY: DR. HASSAN ABDEN & ZUHER HEDER

  *April 2004 Oral histology, Oral biology & OMF pathology. BY PROF. MOSADOMI & PROF. RITA

                       Oral microbiology & immunology. BY: DR. NASER AL BAQEAH.

                       Oral & maxillofacial radiology. BY: DR. RA'ED ALSADHAN

   *April 2004 1ST conference of the faculty of dentistry on recent advances in clinical dentistry. KAU. JEDAH

   *April 2004 Esthetic in dentistry ( bleaching & porcelain laminated veneer) BY: DR. ABUDLGANI MERA   

                        & DR. MOTAZ A. GHULMAN

   *May  2004 Practice management. By: PROF. ABDULLAH AL-SHAMMERY

   *Dec. 2004  TMJ  Disorders diagnosis & management. BY: DR. NASSER NOOH.

   *Dec. 2004  Use of nanoceramic technology in restoratives&self etching primers.BY:DR.FRANK  


   * Jan  2005  Twin stage procedure for oral rehabilitation. BY: PROF. SUMIYA HOBO.

   * Jan  2005  The SDS Annual  scientific & IADR Saudi Arabian section meeting.

   *Feb  2005  Self- etching Adhesive & Ultraconservation treatment option in esthetic dentistry.

                         BY: DR. ALA'A EL-ARABI  &  DR. MOTAZ A. GHULMAN

   * Mach 2005 Implant site preparation & why do dental implant fail. BY: DR. ALI ALGHAMDI &

                          DR. ABDULHADI ABANMY.

    *April 2005 Sensible implant dentistry. BY: DR. VINCENT MORGAN.

    *Sep 2005   Oral & maxillofacial pathology BY: DR. ZIAD F. NOUJEIM.

    *Dec 2005   dental implant.  BY: DR. FRKAN KISTLER  & STEFFEN KISTLER.

    *Jan 2006    Basic course of the straumann dental implant system. BY: DR. BILAL ALNAWAS.

     *Jan  2006  17th Saudi international dental congress of SDS Dental biomaterial. BY: DR. SAAD  


     *Feb 2006  Endodontics for the general practitioner should you join the revolution .BY: DR. RICHARD  


     *Feb 2006  Dubai World Dental Meeting.

            Dental Adhesive & bleaching.  BY: PROF. KHAMES HASSAN.

            Occlusion  review. BY DR. MOHAMMED ALRAFEE

     *Nov. 2006 Amalgam restoration: usage & safety issues BY: DR. HANI SHAMES & DR. ALA'A  ERABI   

                         & DR. HASAN SAEED & DR. TALAL ALGUNAN.

     *Nov. 2006 1ST Riyadh international dental &health care meeting. RIYADH COLLEGE OF  

                          DENTISTRY&  PHARMACY

     *Nov. 2006 Aesthetic dentistry. BY : DR. BRIAN JAMES MILLAR & WILLIAM SHARPLING.

     *Jan.  2007  18th Saudi international dental congress of SDS.

     *Nov.- Feb 2007  2nd Implant Training Program.  RIYADH DENTAL COLLAGE

     *April.  2007 New dental Era 1st national guard symposium.  KING ABDULAZIZ MEDICAL CITY.

     *April 2007  Controversies & Innovations in Implant dentistry    BY: PROF. DENNIS TARNOW

     *April 2007  Dental ceramic for the contemporary dentist          BY: PROF. STEVEN MORGANOO

     *April 2007  Endodontic Workshop  BY: DR. SAUD ORFALI

     *August 2005 1st  case presentation & treatment plan Published Book: Infection control procedural manual    

                           in dental clinic.   MOE.

     *April    2006  2nd  case presentation & treatment plan

     *Feb.      2007 3rd   case presentation & treatment plan

     *April  2008 12th Saudi International Dental Meeting

TEACHING:  With under graduate student in  the Collage of dentistry, KSU



            Membership in Saudi dental society.

            Membership in German society of oral implantology.

            Member/ organizing committees of oral health education program in primary school. MOE.

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