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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Listen to the previous 3 links and answer the following questions:

2nd  link

1- what are they talking about?

2-What is paolo's nationality?

3- What does Paolo plan to do?

4- why Ken still clueless  on   what he wants to do?

5 -Why does Ken refuse to join Paolo in cooking school?

6 -Write the meaning of the following word:

(  clueless- enroll in - boiling- set up - thoughtful)


3rd link

1-Do they have different or same personality?

 2- Describe the two girl's personality?

3- Did Helli agree to go with Jun to th party?

4- Write the meaning of the followig word:

( shy - confident - calm - assumed- extrovert- outgoing- talkative- count me in )


                                               4th link

1- What is Jerry'r peoblem?

2- What is Sandy's advice?

3- Write the meaning of the following word:

( blue in this context - overtime- expect- stand up for your self-

walk all over you)


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