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Course no. and code: 1102 Najam

Credit hours : 9 hours

Level: 2

Text book : Skills in English by Terry Phillip 

Marks:    60 marks = for semester work  

                 40 mark= for final exam 


      Content and objectives:

This course is part of the four level skills in English series. The series as a whole          prepares students to study wholly or partly in English medium at tertiary level. 

      At each level there are four courses ,each dealing with a discrete skill:                       Listening, speaking, reading or writing          

T    The focus in a particular course is very definitely on that skill. 

      In all four skills books, the course is organized into 10 themes, each with

a  a particular thematic focus.

         The 10 themes are: 

Theme 1:  Education

Theme 2: Daily life

Theme 3: Work and business

Theme 4: science and nature

Theme 5: The Physical world

Theme 6: Culture and civilization

Theme 7: They made our world

Them 8: Art and literature

Theme 9:Sports and Leisure

Theme 10: Nutrition and Health


Reading and Reading resource Book

The aim:

 is to introduce students with an elementary level of general English to the basic                      skills involved in doing reading research in English.

The course comprises the student's book and the reading resource book.

The reading resource book is a key feature of the course. The inclusion of this             component has several clear advantages:

* Text don't have to appear in full in the student's book ,which means that student               s can be trained in preparing carefully for reading by looking at parts of the text                                   reproduced in the student's book before plunging into the full text.

*students can revise texts they have looked at before easily and quickly without having to search for them in the body of the student's book.

*Later in the course, basic reading reference skills can be used on the                                          reading   resource book. For example, Finding a specific page quickly ,                          .


Listening Book

The aim :  is to introduce students with an elementary level of general English to the basic skills involved in understanding lectures in English


Writing book

The aim :

Is to introduce students to the basic skills  in writing assignments and term papers in English.




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