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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


                                  C. V.


·       Personal Information:-

§        Name:- Daniyah Ibraheem Ali Al- Rebayaan.

§        Nationality:- Saudi

§        Occupation:- A Teaching Staff Member with the rank of                   "A Reader "



·       Educational Qualifications:-

§        Bachelor:   The Islamic Studies.

§        Graduation Year: 1425 AH

§        Average: Excellent with Honor's Degree.

§        Other Certificates: The certificate of the membership of computer applications ( lc3 ) in the Centre of Horizon for computer training, a branch of Gulf Company for Training and Teaching.


·       Participations in the Cultural Activities:-

1-  Working as a member supervising the cultural activity of                 Al-Janadriya.

2-  Working as a member previously guaranteed in the Association of Women Renascence.

3-  Previously, teaching in "Al-Shaymaa House for Teaching Qurran " for one year.

4-  Participating in the cultural activities in many of summer centers including " Prince Salman Center".



·       Contact:-

1-     Work Telephone:- ( 01 4036600 )

2-    Fax:-  ( 01 4059526 ) 

3-    P. O. Box ( 320 ) , Riyadh ( 11323 )

4-    E-Mail ( )


·       The determined curriculum : " An Approach to the Islamic Culture"

·       Its Code ( Ism ).

·       Its Number ( 101 ).

·       Its Aim:-

             It aims at the implantation of the correct Islamic Credo and joining the Islamic generations to the basic sources of Islam, and flashing the importance of changing these pieces of knowledge into situated reality within the behavior of a Muslim. To teach students the surrounding recent risks. To find Islamic solutions to the problems arisen by the human theories and systems and how to reject them. To define the basics of the Islamic Civilization and to show the reality of the Islamic Nation, the reasons of its backing away and the ways of its rising.

             The determined curriculum includes defining the Islamic Culture,   the general characteristics of Islam and the basics of Faith.               


·       The Studying Plan for the Subject of " An Approach to the Islamic Culture":-

v    The First Week:-    An introduction to the curriculum.

v   The Second Week:-   The concept of the Islamic Culture , the aims of the Islamic Culture and the sources of the Islamic Culture.


v   The Third Week:-    The characteristics of the Islamic Culture, some concepts related to the Islamic Culture and the role of culture in building up a person and  society.  

v   The Fourth Week:-   The Electronic Learning.

v   The Fifth Week:-     The Islamic Credo.

v   The Sixth Week:-    The Electronic Learning.

v   The Seventh Week:-    The Islamic Civilization.

v   The Eighth Week:-     " VACATION"  

v   The Ninth Week:-    The concept of Evangelizing, the concept of Orientalism and the concept of Acculturation.      

v   The Tenth Week:-   The Electronic Learning.    

v   The Eleventh Week:-  The concept of Secularism , the concepts of Masonic and Globalization.

v   The Twelfth Week:-    The Electronic Learning.    

v   The Thirteenth Week:-   Its Fields, culture and fortifying the identity in the midst of recent challenges.    

v   The Fourteenth Week:-   The Electronic Learning.      

v   The fifteenth Week:-     Revision  


·       Marks Distribution:-   

à      10 marks:-  For participating, attending and discipline in lectures.

à       20 marks:-   Assignments in the Forum.

à      10 marks:-  Discussion in the Forum

à       20 marks:-  A Quarterly Test

à      40 marks:- Final Test.

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