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King Saud University    

College of Nursing

1428-1429 H


 Name of faculty member: Dr. Faten Ez El-Din Ahmed Helmy.

For clinical practice: kafi F. AL-shamri.

Learning outcomes:

     An overview of this course which provides students with both theoretical knowledge and clinical experience related to concepts of primary health care to individuals attending primary health care centers.





Contact Hours/week


No. of weeks

Total contact Hours












(i)                description of the knowledge to be acquired:

1-Understanding the concept of primary health care, mention its principles and elements.

2- Discussing the different methods of health education.

3-Identify the basic health needs for both mothers and children.

(During period of pre-marital, pregnancy, delivery, post natal, and children under 5 years of life).

4-Analyzing the importance of environmental sanitation and its factors which affecting health.

5-Explaning the important of community nutrition and how to assess of nutritional status for individual and family members and groups in the community.

6- Exploring the important of interviewing clients, recording and reporting systems.





Cognitive skills to be developed:


1-Assessing the health needs of individuals, plan and implement actions to meet their needs.

2- Evaluating nursing  care plan provided to individuals.

3-Conducting preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care to mothers, infants, children, as well as adults and elders in the community.

4-Refering individuals with specific problems or needs to appropriate community health resources/ settings when necessary.

5-Practing health education classes to individuals, and groups according to their needs

 Interpersonal skills and responsibilities:


1- Appreciate the client's perspective "Health for All".

2- Demonstrating good record keeping and reporting skills.

3-Demonstrating professional behaviors in interacting with clients, colleagues and multiple sectors in the community.


Numerical and communication skills:

1- Analyzing the appropriate communication skills used in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluating the nursing care of clients.

2- Coordinating the nursing services to individuals, families and groups in order to maintain high quality of care.


G) Learning Resources.


1-    Required  Texts:


- Allender J & Spradley B ( 2005). Community Health Nursing: Promoting and Protecting the Public's Health. 6th edition. Lippincott Williams& Wilkins.

- Stanhope M & Lancaster J (1996). Community Health Nursing:

 Promoting hHealth of Aggregates, Families, and Individuals. 4th edition.

Mosby St.Louis.


2-Essential References:


- Smith C.& Maurer F (2000). Community Health Nursing.2nd edition.

 W.B.Saunders, Philadelphia

-  World Health Organization(2000). Primary Health Care Series of WHO publications.


3-Recommended Books & Reference Material:


4-Electronic Materials:


5- Others








Student assignment.


Mother class:


Diabetes mellitus.



رعاية القدمين , تغذية مريض



Antenatal care.

تغذية الحامل أثناء   الحمل. 





تغذية لمريض ضغط الدم

والتمارين الرياضية.



كيفية استنشاق الفنتولين .

Growth and



التسنين +النمو والتطور.




جدول التطعيمات +الإرشادات

 العامة بعد التطعيم.








Group discussion .

  Case study

 done by :T: Abeer Saad"

1-    Hypertension case study.


Soad is a 55-year-old woman, house wife and has 2 daughters and 2 sons .she has type 2 diabetes first diagnosed 2 years ago. other medical

problems include obesity and hypothyroidism. She has family history of

hypercholestremia and hypertension . She presents now for routine

follow-up and is noted to have a blood pressure of 168/100 mmHg in

supine position .She had been on anti-hypertensive medication and high

diabetic medication Physical exam reveals a height of 160 cm , weight 100 kg , blood pressure of 160/100 mmHg, and a regular pulse of 84 beats/min. There is no clinical evidence of congestive heart failure or peripheral vascular disease. Laboratory results reveals trace protein on urinalysis, blood urea nitrogen of 14 mgldl, serum creatinine of 1.2 mgldl,random serum glucose of 169 mgldl, normal electrolytes, and normal thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. A 24'h urine collection reveals a urinary albumin excretion rate of 250 mglday.


Mrs. soad was extremely found of spicy, fatty food .she would not

satisfied with her bowel movement ,her sleep would be much disturbed.



1-    List the nursing problems of Mrs. Soad.

2-   What is your nursing care plane for this case.






2nd Case study

Group discussion.


Miss Nouf a 4 2-year-old housewife , is visit Primary Health care  with diagnosis of uncontrolled diabetes, acute hypoglycemic reaction. Miss Nouf . complaining from shakiness ,nervousness, sweating ,dizziness &confusion  for the past 48 hours. She has continued to take her usual daily dosage of metformine. Noting that Miss Nouf. has been admi-tted with a blood-glucose value 73 mgldc .she does not make any exercise or compliance with food regimens'


Answer the following questions

l-Discuss causes of this Problem

2-list Miss Nouf needs.

3-formulate nursing care plan for Nouf.


3rd  Case study

Ms. Nora is a 64-year-old, her husband is 66-year-old.she is retired teacher. She has had seven adults and living outside her home. Nora is responsible about all house work. She visits the Primary Care Center for complaints of difficulty breathing,

frequently sneezing, difficult to swallowing headache, coughing and having trouble sleeping since 5 Days. Her weight is 80 kg , height 165 cm, respiration 40b\m, BP 130\70 , temp 38c


Dr. Mona prescribed for her ventoline inhalation immediately. Then at home continue to take ventoline inhalation as needed and antihistamine tablets and following after 3 days.


- List her health problems\needs.

- Causes of this problems.

 - What is your nursing care plane for this case.

 4th  Case study

Abeer is girl ,9months age. Her mother said she missed two immunization session. Her weight 6 Kg  , 60 cm' head circumference is 40 cm' Nurse found out her vital signs was .  36.5  , pulse   110 b/m , RR:35 c/m.


According to situation answer the followings question.


l-List health problem or need to Abeer.

2-Name two immunization missed.

3-Name vaccine that child be given at 9 age.

4- What is your nursing care plane for this case.


4th  Case study


You are a staff nurse employed in well-baby clinic Rabowa center. it is early Tuesday morning. Nouf is 32 years old(mother). She comes running into your office& tell you: my son Ahmed ( 5 years old), eat 3 tablets father medication . He suffer immediately vomiting & diarrhea. Another son Mohamed has  10 years old . Always carless, not follow my instructions, playing &ridding bicycle all the day. Today has accident, he was dropping from  house ladders . He was shouting, crying & have open wound in his leg. Another Soad , she is 3years old , Playing in mother make up, always put something in her mouth, she is O.K. , but not eating well . I saw her loss her weight& liable to sleep more.



1-List the problems facing this mother, using priorities:

2-Write your nursing intervention.

Problems/needs Nursing intervention


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