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Undergraduate Curriculum

Course Content (Syllabus)


Course Number:     NUR 472

Course Title:        Community Health Nursing

Pre-Requisite:      NUR 363

Co-Requisite:       NUR 473

Faculty:                  Dr. Mona Talat El.Nady


Course Overview:


This course provides theory and practice essential to the application of nursing process to the individual, family and community health patterns and needs. Emphasis is geared on the promotion of health, prevention of disease and rehabilitation based on the concept of health illness continuum. This will enable the student to recognize major disruption of health in a variety of community settings, homes and mental health institutions.


Course Objectives:


By the end of this course, student should be able to:


1. Explore essential concepts used in community health nursing.

2. Synthesize and develop skills of communication, problem solving and decision making.

3.     Develop an awareness of community resources such as school health, handicapped institutions, geriatric services and mental retardation institution.

4.     Understand the importance of the roles of the community health nurse in different community settings.


Course Requirements:


This course will be taught by using lectures, discussion and small group discussion, practical application and field trips. Each student will be expected to present two assignments reports for field trips and three problem solving situations related to the course content. The time for presentation of assignments will be planned with target members i different community settings. Practical experience will be take place in community health nursing institutions.


Course Outlines:


2 hrs.

Introduction to the course syllabus, theoretical and practical parts                 







2 hrs.

Community Health Nursing Concepts                                                  

 *Community health, public health and primary health concepts            

 *Community health nursing practice and   practice settings.                                     

 *Scope of community health nursing.                                                      *Community health nursing process and the individual/family/nursing     process.

  *Components of the community health nursing process.                                 

  *Roles of the community health nurse.   


2 hrs.

Community as a client                               

*Health promotion and disease prevention:

    -The illness-wellness continuum.

    -The prevention focus.               

*Family health:                                        

    -Family forms and function     

   -Characteristics of family health.

   -Family life style.                    

 *Family health assessment:

     -Family risk factors.

      -Types of risk factors.  



2 hrs.

School health program                              



*Needs of school-age child.                         

*Role of school nurse.



4 hrs.

Geriatric nursing

 *Factors influencing aging.                   

 *The positive outcomes of the aging


*The changes occur during aging process 

*Needs of elderly.

 *The role of the community nurse.


2 hrs.

The handicapped individual

    *Handicapping problems.

    *Prevention of handicap.

    *Care of handicap.

    *The role of the community health nurse.



2 hrs.

Occupational health and accident prevention






           Mid-term exam                            10 %

           Assignment presentation               5 %

           Practical evaluation                     15 %

           Final Written Exam                      20 %


Required Bibliography:


1- Diem, E. and Moyer, A. (2005). Community Health Nursing  Projects Making a Difference. Philadelphia: Lippincott & Willkins.


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