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Personal Information:

Name   : Abdulmajeed Bin Yusif Bin Mohammed Al-Mutlaq

Date of birth     : 10/09/1383H (24/01/1964).

Place of work: Faculty of Education in King Saud University – Major: Islamic Culture.

Place of permanent residence: Riyadh.



1-     Bachelor of Share’a – graduation year: 1408H (1987). From faculty of  Share’a in Riyadh for judgment in Imam/ Mohammed Bin Saud University.

2-     Master degree in compared jurisprudence from the high institute in Islamic University in Madinah – in : 1419 H .

3-     Ph. D. in compared jurisprudence from Share’a college 1425 H.



-         Teaching at Girls Colleges Agency.

-         Working as an academic consultant in organization of Post Graduates studies members Affairs and scientific research in girls colleges.

-         Working as an academic and educational consultant in Girls colleges deanery.

-         Head of cases committee and final dismiss in Girls Colleges Agency.

-         Member in post graduates studies council and scientific research.

-         Coordinator member for future plan project of university education in K.S.A. (Horizons).

-         Member in the permanent committee for books and references in Girls Colleges Agency.

-         Participating in many symposiums and workshops inside the Kingdom.


Scientific Production:

-         Blood money in Islamic jurisprudence – Master thesis.

-         Editing and excellence in illustrating Ebin Abi Zaid thesis – Ph. D. thesis.

-         Research entitled “a view for future of post graduates studies in Girls Colleges concerning some social requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) on the occasion of the symposium of the post graduates studies and development plans which had been held in Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University in Rabie II, 1427H . (04/2006).

For calling:

-         E-mail:

-         P. O. Box: 9600

-         Postal code: 11423




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