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أسئلة شائعة

Curriculum Vitae


           Personal Details

               Full Name :Salha Ali Mohammad Jokhab

Home Address: Riyadh.

E-mail Address:

Nationality: Saudi

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 6/12/1403

Marital Status: Single

Languages known: Arabic, English


          High school degree: 95.35%

                   Name and location (city) of University:

§        King Saud University, Saudi Arabia,  Riyadh, From 1422 To 1427.

§        Subject or speciality:College of Pharmacy.

§        Diploma and degree: BS.

§        GPA: 4.68 (Excellent).

      Clinical Pharmacy Section Rotation

§        One month rotation in cardiology with Dr.hisham Zaglol.

§        One month rotation in Oncology with Dr.Lamia AL-neim.

§        One month rotation in Gastrology with Dr.Ahmed myet.

Practical experience

      Training in KKUH:

§        degree: A+

§        One month rotation in in-patient area

§        One month rotation in out-patient area

§        two weaks pediatric clinical rotation

§        One weak rotation in IV room

§        One weak rotation in material management

§        One weak rotation in Drug information center

§        One weak rotation in academic staff pharmacy

      Activity during training in KKUH:

§        Safe handling of cytotoxic and hazardous drugs presentation.

§        Drug Identification Guidance.

§        Medical companies cards.

         Workin in RKH:

§   From 4/1428 to 8/1428(5 months).

        Workin in KSU:

§        1428-present.

§        As teaching assistant.


§        The National Week of Safty in our Life Workshop.

§        The 9th International Pharmaceutical sciences conference and exposition.

§        1st International oncology/Haematolgy Pharmacy Update Course and Workshop.

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