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AGEN 202: Computer Programming in Biological Systems    3 (3+0+1)
Logarithmic. Flow charts. Visual Basic programming. MatLab. Applications in biological systems. [Syllabus] [Extra Materials]

AGENG 311: Heat Transfer in Bio-systems     2 (2+0+1)

Theory of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation. Steady and unsteady state heat transfer. Heat exchangers. Heat transfer applications in food, bio-systems, and agricultural structures.

AGEN 351: Environment Control for Animal and Plant     3 (2+1+0)

Effect of environment on farm animal and plants. Heat and mass balances for animal structures and greenhouses. Ventilation, cooling and heating. Evaporative cooling. Application of automatic control in animal and plant environment.

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AGEN 301: Measurement and Control in Biological Systems
Introduction to electric circuits, Measurement principles (errors, calibration, precision). Sensors and devices of measurement: Temperature, pressure, flow… Automatic control systems, Programmable Logic Control (PLC). Applications of measurements and automatic control in biological systems.
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