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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Course Description:

            This is a four-credit hour course with the duration of one academic year.  The course consists of didactic and clinical components.  The didactic component addresses the different aspects of diagnosing, managing and treating the dental problems of pre-school and school age children.

            The clinical component is the first clinical course in Pediatric Dentistry.  The course offers one session of 3 hours each week for one academic year.  It is a clinical setting in which the student acquires the motor skills necessary to render care for children.  The student should have an opportunity to perform the clinical procedures commonly associated with children’s dentistry.  The concept of comprehensive care will be adapted so that the student develops an awareness of and appreciation for the total child.  Patients with age ranging from 8 to 14 years will be selected according to course requirement.

Course Outline:

1.         Assessment of the child which includes the medical and dental history, type of behavior, occlusion, oral habits, soft tissue, carious lesions, radiographic interpretation.

2.         Practice of patient motivation, plaque control, topical fluoride therapy, fissure sealant.

3.         Practice of operative dentistry for children, which include local anesthesia, rubber dam placement, amalgam and resin restorations, stainless crown, pulpal procedures for primary and young permanent teeth, extraction of primary teeth.  Space management appliances and employment of behavior management aids.



                        Didactic                                                -           50%

                   Clinic                                                    -           50%


                              341 Based Review Exam                      -              5%

                        Written Assessment No. 1                    -           7.5%

                        Written Assessment No. 2                    -           7.5%

                        Written Assessment No. 3                    -           10%

                        Final Assessment                                 -           20%



                        Quality                                                  -           35%

                   Effort                                                    -           15%



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