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Course Description:

            This is a two credit hour course made up of Didactic and Laboratory technique as Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry. The course holds in the second half of the third year.

            The primary goals of Pediatric Dentistry include the diagnosis and prevention of disease, the preservation of the natural dentition and the restoration of health, function and esthetics of stomatognathic system.  The lectures will cover all these topics. 

            The primary function of the laboratory is the development of psychomotor skills of the dentist.  The psychomotor skills must be highly developed in order to provide quality care of the children.

            Due to the high degree of skill required, disappointments and frustrations may occur during the process of learning and development.  Some students, for example, will need to repeat various projects.  However, the pre-clinical laboratory is the place where mistakes can occur without damage to the patient, and where skills can be developed to a high level of proficiency. 

            In order to maximize the benefits of each laboratory session, students will be expected to study the laboratory manual preparation for each project.


Course Objectives:

            Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to: 

1.          Understand the basic morphologic applications of cavity preparation in primary teeth.

2.         Gain the knowledge of matrix systems, amalgam and composite resin manipulation, stainless steel crown restoration as related to primary teeth. 

3.         Understand the technique and indications for pulpotomy.

4.         Utilize the sealant system as a preventive measure against caries. 

5.         Predict possible crowding problems and to utilize the space maintainer as a preventive measure against malocclusion.

6.         Acquire such psychomotor skills as to be able to treat a child by carrying of simple procedures in the clinic without any inhibitions. 


·         Didactic                 -           40%

·         Laboratory             -           60%

            Students MUST pass both parts individually to pass the course.  If a student passes the didactic but fails the laboratory part, or vice versa, he/she will not pass the course. 

            Didactic (40%):

                   The evaluation for the lecture part will be as the following: 

·         Mid-Term Exam [Essay/short note questions] (15%)

·         Final Exam [Multiple choice questions and    (25%)

                                                            Essay/Short note]

            Laboratory (60%): 

                   The evaluation for the laboratory projects will be as the following:

                        Weekly projects / Cleaning the cubicle/Behavior       25%

                        Quizzes                                                                 5%

                        Midterm exam [specific lab procedure]                      10%

                        Final Exam [specific lab procedure / spot exam]        20% 


During the course, quizzes will be given without prior notice. It can be given in the lecture or in the laboratory.  Failure to participate attracts zero mark.

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