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Clinical Steps

Department of optometry

College of applied medical sciences

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This is a guide for you to do your daily clinical works in the internship or in your future work faster easer & more accurate.



1. Check your room before starting your clinic in the morning (Retinoscope
+ project + remote + phoropter + lenses + reading chart +occluder + lensometer)

2. Read the file quickly special (previous visit = last correction + last VA)

3. Start with (C\C + OH + S\P + MH) write with short & accurate sentence don't spend a lot of time with the pt (some pt. will give you a long story).

4. Take the VA start one line before the last VA. DON'T forget PH

5. If the pt wearing glasses or CL take the VA with correction

6. Start your objective refraction. Take the VA DON’T force the pt because you will do subjective later.

7. Start your subjective as usual (sphere then cylinder axis then power) if the pt old use (0.50 DS to 1.00 DS) in your subjective because the old pt can't differ between the small power.

8. When you do JCC try to make the time equal between side 1 & side 2.

9. DON’T forget to do balance test (fogging or red green test).

10. If the pt presbyopic, DON’T forget to do near balance test before give him final Rx.





Pt = Patient

C\C = Chief Complain

O\H = Ocular History

S\P = Status Post

M\H = Medical History

Sx = Surgery

Cat. = Cataract

Phaco c PC IOL= Phacoemulsification with Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens

ECCE = Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction.

A\S= Anterior Segment

R\V= Retinal Vitreous

QHS= Before sleeping

gtt = Drops (guttae)

QD= Once a day

BID= Twice a day

TID= 3 Times a day

QID= 4 Times a day

QOD= Every other day

PO= By mouth


Naeema Anazi


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