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Oral hygiene habits and oral problems reported by orthodontic patients
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1-   Wilkins, E.M.: Clinical practice of the dental hygienists, 8th edition, 1999, Philadelphia. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 

2- Clinical Periodontology by; Newman, Takei, Carranza. 

3-Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice
by; Darby, Walsh.

 4-Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist
by; Ibsen, Phelan.

5- Essential physics for radiographers, Ball J. &Moore A. /Second  Edition/1986/Blackwell Scientific Publication 

6-Essentials of dental radiography for dental assistants and hygienists. De Lyre W. & Johnson O. /Third Edition /1985/Prentice-Hall Inc.

7-  Dental radiography /Principles &Techniques.  Haring J. &Jansen L. /Second Edition/2000/Saunders.

    8-  McMinn color atlas of head and neck anatomy. Logan B.,ReynolP.&HutchingsR./ThirdEdition/2004/Mosby      













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