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Oral hygiene habits and oral problems reported by orthodontic patients
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Examination Questions Sample For  DEH 454 Dental Assisting



Sample (1)



Name:                                                     ID:

Q1. Identify the Following instruments and give its functions? 1-8


Q2. As a Hygienist or an assistant, How do you sterilize an ultrasonic scaler? Discuss the issue briefly


Q3. Identify the following materials?1-8


Q4. A periodontist ask you tp assist a case whish is  a flap surgery what do you think are the instruments to prepare?


Q5.Name the following instrument? 1-10

Q6. How important infection control measures in your profession and why?


Q7.Identify the instrument and group them to specify what type/kind of treatment these instruments and material are needed?

 Q8.Briefly, your in sight How important dental assiting course in your profession?







Sample (2)



Name:                                    ID:

Q1. Name each of the following instruments, follow the numbers?1-10

Q2. Answer the questions below:


-Name the types of dentistry (according to the number of the clinicians)?

-Name the machine used in sterilizing the instruments?

-When preparing for treating the patient under general anaesthesia, the time spent inscrubbing the hands should be approximately not less than_______ minutes.

Q3. Discuss the position of suction tip, if the operator is working on the maxillary left quadrent?

Q4.Briefly, how important dental assisting in your profession? 

Q5.Discuss the process of sterilization of instruments if the patient has hepatitis or lung disease after treatment

























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