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Oral hygiene habits and oral problems reported by orthodontic patients
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(C.V) English

Rasha Nasha Al-Otaibi

Address: P.O Box 18171 Riyadh 11415, Saudi Arabia.

            Phone: 014355010 ext:202



Nov. 2006– Feb. 2007 King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research center, Riyadh

Sep. 2006 – Oct. 2006 Riyadh dental center (Al-shamise Hospital), Riyadh

Mar. 2006– Aug. 2006 Armed Force Hospital, Riyadh


Certification of Summer Training from National Guard Health Affairs, King Abdulaziz Medical city for completed the summer training program in dental clinics.



§  Worked side by side with a periodontist.

§   Performed periodontal charting for advanced periodontal patients.

§  Performed interpretation of dental radiographs that related to periodontal field.

§  Diagnosing the periodontal conditions and discussed the treatment plan.

§  Performed scaling and root planning for periodontal surgical cases.

§  Treated many cardiac and renal patients in medically compromised clinic.

§  Attended lectures in periodontology, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and other different dental fields.

§  Prepared and presented a seminar entitled "Dentine Hypersensitivity".

§  Participated in educating and giving oral hygiene instruction for different types of patients.

§  Performed fissure sealant for pedo patients.

§  Treated many cardiac, renal and diabetic patients.

§  Responsible for treating dental implant cases.

§  In charge of treated and educate implant, oncology, and medically compromised patients.

§  Practiced local Infiltration.

§  Applied Antibiotic Agent in pocket for patients with advanced periodontal disease.

§  Presented a seminar entitled "Personal oral hygiene and chronic periodontitis: a systematic review".

§  Prepared and participated in dental health education for Inpatients and Outpatients at King Fahad Children Cancer Center (CCC).


* 2004 1st King Saud University Symposium in Disability and Rehabilitation.

* 2005 Summer Training at National Guard Hospital.

* 2005 Saudi Dental Society SDS Annual and IADR Meeting.

* 2005 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled " The Roadmap to Replacing A single Tooth" and "Orthodontic between General Dentist and Orthodontists".

* 2005 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled " Sensible Implant Dentistry".

* 2005 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled " Periodontic Plastic Surgery" and " Esthetic in Implant Dentistry".

* 2006 Certification of Appreciation from Saudi Dental Society for presenting a seminar entitled "Oral Hygiene Habits and Oral problems reported by Orthodontic patients".

* 2006 Saudi Dental Society SDS Annual and IADR Meeting.

* 2006 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled " Ten Hints For Successful Endodontics " and " The ERA Of Apex Locators".

*2006 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled " Radiation Hazards And Protection In Dentistry" and " Implant Supported Overdentures".

*2006 Saudi Dental Society Scientific Activity entitled "Dental Implants: The future tooth replacement" and "Implant site assessment".

* 2007 Saudi Dental Society SDS Annual and IADR Meeting.

*2007 1st National Guard Dental Symposium and Worshops for Dentists, Hygienists, Dental assistants and Technicians.

* 2007  National Guard Dental Worshops, Dental bleaching for dental Hygienist

*2007 Contemporary Preventive Dentistry Symposium.

*2008 Saudi Dental Society SDS Annual and IADR Meeting.

*2008 National Guard Dental Workshop local anaesthesia for dental hygienist.


Active member in Saudi Dental Society (S.D.S).


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