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n     participation   In  ( March superiority ) Programme In 2002 for  in Saudi radio

n     participate in organizing the workshop ( discuss the vision and aspirations of the Centre for Environmental Excellence)

n     participate in organizing the workshop (Diet planning, ) for the Saudi Society for Food Science and Nutrition

n      participate in organizing the Fourth Conference on Environment and Development.

n      participate in the workshop (the strategic plan of King Saud University). 

commuunity services

n     participate in the activity of the social group the King Abdul Aziz in 2002

n     Translator Assistant of the sign language for the deaf Girls Club in Jeddah 2005.

n      teacher of nutrition for the Deaf Club for girls in Jeddah in 2005.

n     provide three workshops entitled (the needs of girls for various activities) 2006

n     Provide a Consulted of nutrition in Telephone counselling programme in 2006-2007.

n      participate in the founding of the General Social Sisters

n      participate in exhibition of women's work

n      participating in the Summer Sea (Jeddah, 27)

n      participate in programme of blog of daawa in the almajd channel

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