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Ghalia Hamad Awad Shamlan



Nasonality : Saudi

Email: ,

Office num : 1321

Pobox: 117224     Code : 21391




Work in the field of scientific specialization, Community service





n     Master in Nutrition 2007/2008 - King Abdul Aziz University – KSA – Excellent with first honor.

n     Batcholer in Nutrition 2003/2004 - King Abdul Aziz University – KSA – Excellent with first honor

n     Highest G.P.A in 2000. And ideal student.

n     Highest G.P.A in 2004.





n     Passed course of (clinical nutrition) 4-25/7/2003  - A – 60 hours

n     (Contemporary Issues in Nutrition) 22/9/2003:2 CME

n     (food and nutrition Issues in KSA) 19/2/2004 :5 CME

n     (nutrition research course) 14 -16/6/2004 : 14 CME

n     (Symposium of HACCP) 4/10/2004.

n     (third national diabetic mellitus campaign) (25/11- 2/12)/2004.

n     (second Arabic conference of nutrition) 7-9/12/2004 :17 CME

n     (national malnutrition symposium) 1-2/3/2005 :12 CME

n     (Nutrition and chronic diseases symposium) 12 - 14/4/2005:16 CME.

n     (Food and diet therapy for Diabetes) 17/5/2005:13CME.

n      (Contemporary Issues in food and Nutrition) 18 -19/6/2005: 7 CME.

n     (Losing Wight by diets or surgery) 25/12/2005.

n     (International Saudi symposium of pediatric hematology / oncology) 21-23/11/2005: 5CME.

n     (Second national malnutrition symposium) 20/2/2006:19CME.

n     (Newest in nutrition field) 2/11/2006:6CME.

n     (First Gulf Conference of healthy nutrition for children and adolescents) 28 - 30/11/2006:10CME.

n     (Fourth Saudi conference of food and nutrition) 9-11 /12/2006:21CME.

n     (Assessing and controlling obesity) 28 /11/2006:3CME.

n     (Nutrition and physical activity and their relationship to disease) 20 /12/2006:6CME.

n     (Disease of nutrients deficiency) 28 /12/2006:21CME.

n     (Second symposium of the newest in obesity) 19 /2/2007:2CME.

n     (Obesity between disease and medicine) 5 /4/2007:5CME.

n     (medical information service workshop) 24-25 /2/2007

n     (Using computer in diet plan and programs) 7 /4/2007:21CME.

n     (Hot topics in pediatric nutrition and immunology) 11 /6/2007:21CME.

n     (vision and mission for the center of excellence in environmental studies) 17 /6/2007

n     (Update food allergy management course) 21 /6/2007:8CME.

n     (Third Arabic conference of nutrition) 4-6 /12/2007:15CME.

n     Workshop (diet planning) 3-5 /3/2008:21CME.

(4th international symposium on update on clinical and community nutrition) 26-27/03/2008

n (Updates in sterile compounding and parental nutrition symposium) 21-22/06/2008

n (Workshop of Child nutritional care) 30th /11/2008

n (Symposium of child nutritional care )30th /11/2008.

n (The First Arab Conference on food hygiene and food safety ) 22-24/12/2008.

n (The Basics of the  HACCP system application in the kitchen within Food facilities Workshop)


n (fifth annual meeting of the Saudi Society for Food Science and Nutrition )13/1/2009

n The workshop entitled - breastfeeding - Physical Activity and Diabetes

n workshop on the use of the analysis of diets FOOD PROSESS






n     English language course.. (passing )

n     Course of the first aid.

n     Special session of damaged drugs.

n     the Scientific session of Quran and Sunnah

n     Section of our perceptions

n     special training course in sign language - excellent

n     know the tendencies of personal and career by Thomas system.

n     training course of professionalism at work

n     training course of work ethic

n     training course of concerns leadership training (workshops)

n     training course of thinking skills

n     training course of training methods

n     using outlook in various applications

n     art of communication and how the written reports and speeches

n     How to get rid of the pressures of work and life positively

n     The configuration for working in the private sector

n     Test- measuring computer skills certificate in international computer IC3 advanced


n     Test- measuring computer skills in the international certificate for computer rank average in IC3 (MICROSOFT EXCEL)

n     Test- measuring the level of language by (TOIEC) System

n     the Scientific session of Quran and Sunnah

n     management priorities of life

n      mental maps.

n      How my future career choice

n      optimism is candle illuminates your life

n     secrets of success for  individual and collective

n      How Mining annual plan

n      build team spirit and collective action

n      effective marketing

n      vision and objectives of the Centre for Environmental Research

n      Disk system for dealing with different personality patterns.

n      SIX SIGMA systems in the application of quality.

n     Introduction of NLP neural linguistic programming.

n     Mange the discussions

n (Classroom Assessment Techniques) 20/05/2008.

n (Motivate students to learn) 21/05/2008.

n (Active Learning) 10-11/01/2009

n (Leading Academic Department) 18-19/11/2008.

n (international symposium on technology transfer ,innovation management and

 patent workshop) 24/11/2009



n     Training Section, Department of Nutrition and Diet, King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital.

n     Training Section, Department of Nutrition and Diet, King Fahad Hospital




n     experience in training field .

n     Provide session - many times :
(Your food between right and wrong).
(Hidden Points about diet).
(Secret in food).(Elegance lines)and (Practical steps for healthy nutrition)  in Center of  Educational Supervision


n     participation   In  ( March superiority ) Programme In 2002 for  in Saudi radio

n     participate in organizing the workshop ( discuss the vision and aspirations of the Centre for Environmental Excellence)

n     participate in organizing the workshop (Diet planning, ) for the Saudi Society for Food Science and Nutrition

n      participate in organizing the Fourth Conference on Environment and Development.

n      participate in the workshop (the strategic plan of King Saud University).

Community serves

n     participate in the activity of the social group the King Abdul Aziz in 2002

n     Translator Assistant of the sign language for the deaf Girls Club in Jeddah 2005.

n      teacher of nutrition for the Deaf Club for girls in Jeddah in 2005.

n     provide three workshops entitled (the needs of girls for various activities) 2006

n     Provide a Consulted of nutrition in Telephone counselling programme in 2006-2007.

n      participate in the founding of the General Social Sisters

n      participate in exhibition of women's work

n      participating in the Summer Sea (Jeddah, 27)

n      participate in programme of blog of daawa in the almajd channel


n     (Studying, if the Fat Rate in Salad Dressing Products is low enough to label products as” light “fat) in third Arabic conference in nutrition.

n     Study measuring the level of heavy metals contamination in white cheeses in Riyadh market’s

Membership :

n     Member in Saudi Society for Food Science and Nutrition.

n     member of the deaf club for girls in Jeddah.


n     Arabic, English and deaf language.










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