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Course Description:

Course Number and code: 456 chem

Course name: Applied Instrumental Analysis

Modules: (theoretical + practical): (1 +1)

Level: Eighth

Practical part: the experiences of the applications of automation in the industry analysis

Required: experimental design and implementation process, analysis of results, writing scientific reports

Laboratory time: Sun / 2-4


Topics of the course: 

Estimating of iron in the soil
Estimating of caffeine in Pepsi-Cola
 Estimating of nitrite NO2 - in water
 Estimating of vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
 Estimating of aspirin in pharmaceutical samples
  Estimating preservatives such as benzoic acid in soft drinks
 Estimating of manganese in cement
 Estimating of lead in paint
 Estimating of copper in tea
  Analysis of liquid milk - Determination of calcium in the milk 



1 - Study Memorandum.

2 - Request of the student refers to the modern references that relate to the decision.

Distribution of grades: 

Assessment - 10

Report - 10

Quiz -5

final exam – 5

Total: 30