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السيرة الذاتية
الابحاث العلمية
نتائج مادة إدارة مدرسية
الجدول التدريسي
االأنشطه المختلفة
نمادج من الإختبارات
توصيف مقرر إدارة مدرسية والمراجع




P.O. Box 41867 Riyadh 11531

Saudi Arabia 


Telephone:  0096614340594



Curriculum Vitae


First: Personal Data:


Name                    :                  Leena Sulaiman Al-Klhewi

Nationality             :                  Saudi

Present Address    :                   King Saud University – University Studies Center for Girls- College of Education – Educational Management Dept.


Second: Present Work:

·        Lecturer at the Educational Management Department

·        Teaching " School Management" at the bachelor degree stage.

·        Responsible for academic affairs at the " Educational Management" Dept.

·        Performing some administrative works in the department and the college.


Third: Academic Degree and Specialty:


Degree                  :         Master of Arts in Educational Management.

Major                    :         Educational Management.


Fourth: Academic Qualifications:


·        MA in Educational Management from 2005 to 2007, based on courses and thesis-College of Education, King Saud University – Riyadh.

·        Bachelor in Special Education, Major: Learning Difficulties from 1999 to 2002  King Saud University, College of Education.

Fifth: Work Experiences:


-         Worked at a primary school from 2002 to 2007, and I completed my master degree.

-         Work as a lecturer at King Saud University – Department of Educational Management from 2008 and up to present time.

Sixth: Committee Memberships:

·        Member and responsible for office works at the Academic Accreditation & Quality Committee- King Saud University.

·        A member in the Educational Management Department Development.

·        A member in the committee of activity at Educational Management Department.

·        A member of course description at Educational Management Dept.


Seventh: Thank & Appreciation Letters:

-         From Educational Management Department at College of Education, King Saud University for my work in the Academic Accreditation Committee.

-         From the primary school No 291 for my distinguished performance during the training period.

-         Honor Degree in Bachelor.

Eighth: Scientific Researches: 

-         Thesis for Master degree, entitled " Development of Administrative Communication between Men and Women Management at King Saud University".


Ninth: Training Courses and Workshops:

-,Computer Course at Systems Center for Development and   Training


- Course in Preparing Small Project Plans from Sultan bin Abdulaziz Center for Sciences and Technology (SAITC).


- English Language course for two months from Al-Khaleej Languages Institute (Direct English).

                -    Courses Description Workshop at King Saud     

                     University at the Academic Accreditation & Quality.


                -    A workshop for SWOT analyzing for the strategic plan    

                    of King Saud University.


                -    A workshop for Cooperative Learning


               -     Workshop in the field of Innovative Leadership.


     -    English language course for two months from Cultural          

          British Attache


-         A computer Course for three months in ( International Computer Driving License) from New Horizon Institute.


-         A workshop on ( Road to Free Business) held by Riyadh's Chamber of Commerce & Industry.



-         Workshop on " Role of Teaching Staff Member in External Auditing of the Developmental, Institutional and Program Development, held by the Deanship of Quality at King Saud University.


-         A workshop on " Development Auditing and External Assessment at King Saud University – Steps Towards Accreditation, held by  Deanship of Quality at King Saud University.


-         Workshop titled " National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education).


-          A debate titled ( Dialogue and Communication) held by Psychology Department at King Saud University.


Tenth: Voluntary Work

A volunteer at the Handicapped Children Association.  




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