Writing 1 Course Paln


Weeks 1-2

Chapter One

Topic: School Life Around the World

Focus: Personal Description

Skills: Ordering information, writing topic sentences.


Weeks 3-4

Chapter Two

Topic: Experiencing Nature

 Focus: Description

Skills: Ordering information from general to specific


Weeks 5-6

Chapter Four

Topic: In the Community

Focus: Informal Letter

Skills: Paragraph organization in a letter


Midterm test I


Week 7

Chapter Five

Topic: Home

Rhetorical Focus: Autobiographical narration


Week 8

Chapter Six

Topic: Cultures of the World

Focus: Narration

Skills: Using a time sequence, writing a title


Weeks 9-10

Chapter Seven

Topic: Health

Focus: Exposition

Skills: Making an idea map, writing a topic sentence and supporting

Sentences in a paragraph


Midterm test II


Weeks 11-12

Chapter Ten

Topic: Customs, Celebrations, and Holidays

 Focus: Classification

Skills: Making an outline, ordering information according to importance


Weeks 13-14

Chapter Twelve

Topic: The Global Consumer

Focus: Formal Letter of Complaint

Skills: Ordering ideas effectively