Writing 1


Course number & Code: Najd 128

Course title: Writing I (Level One) Contact hours: 4

Textbook: INTERACTIONS 1, WRITING/ 4th edition

Chapters to be covered: 8 to 10


Content and Objectives

Writing I is a pre-intermediate course designed to introduce students to paragraph structure and organization, i.e., topic sentence, supporting details, and concluding sentence. It is also designed to teach students to write cohesive and coherent paragraphs on specific topics, using language appropriate to each topic. The paragraphs are of the following types: descriptive, narrative, expository, classificatory, and instructional. Students are also trained to write personal, informal letters and business letters. In addition, the course introduces/reviews features of grammar, style and cohesion, which serve to unify a paragraph.


Skills and strategies

Writing an idea map

Selecting relevant ideas

Writing an outline


Editing for organization

Editing for form



Writing up


Sub-skills and strategies

1.The construction of the simple sentence.

2.The construction of complex sentences

3.The construction of compound sentences.

4.The avoidance of sentence fragments.

5.The  avoidance of sentences run-ons.

6. The formation of questions.

7. The appropriate usage of the conjunctions and, so, but, and also

8. Developing the reader’s interest by introducing  relevant and significant details.

9. Appropriate use of articles.

10.Use of count and non-count nouns.

11. Avoidance of noun repetition.

12. Use of appropriate and correct verb forms.

13. Appropriate use of transitional words and phrases.

14. Ordering information.

15. Appropriate use of topic sentences.

16. Appropriate use of concluding sentences.

17. Developing cohesion.

18. Developing coherence.