Speaking 2



Course number & Code : Najd 174

Course title: Speaking II (Level Two)/ Contact hours: 3


(Prerequisite: Speaking I)



Content and objectives

  • An awareness of formal / informal language and practice at choosing appropriate language for different situations accepting and refusing invitations, understand and use expressions of locations in contexts, open and close phone conversations, request and give advice, apologize and reconcile, ask for help…etc. .
  • The awareness that informal spoken language is less complex than written language. It uses shorter sentences, is less organized and uses more 'vague' or non-specific language.
  • To be competent at either ‘message-oriented’ or transactional language and interact ional language, language for maintaining social relationships.
  • To be taught patterns of real interaction like talking about abilities, recognizing expressions of advice, giving opinion, politely interrupting an action or a speaker...etc
  • To have intelligible pronunciation and be able to cope with streams of speech.
  • Rehearsal time. By giving students guided preparation / rehearsal time they are more likely to use a wider range of language in a spoken task in addition to making presentations using projectors and visual aids that support their topics.
  • The ability to participate in classrooms discussions.
  • Learn to give short presentations about a novel/play to discuss the plot, theme, characters, or setting.


Using some very brief written notes when speaking

Managing to maintain one’s audience interested

Respecting the principles of politeness and using appropriate politeness formulae

Developing an argument

Using appropriate paralinguistic expressions while speaking

Making requests, answering requests

Apologizing, refusing, complaining

Contributing to opening and closing moves in exchanges

Making invitations and declining invitations