Writing 2 Course Plan


Weeks 1-2

Chapter One

Topic: Education and Student Life

Rhetorical Focus: Argumentation

Organizing Skills: Arranging ideas in order of importance, giving reasons, writing topic sentences

Expressing reason with words like “because”, “so” and “therefore”; use of transition words, e.g. “in addition”, “also”, “first of all”, “finally”


Weeks 3-4

Chapter Two

Topic: City life

Rhetorical Function: Description

Organization Skills: Writing topic sentences, adding details to a

paragraph, writing concluding sentences

Using expressions like “since” to give reasons \Avoiding “run-on” sentences


Weeks 5-6

Chapter Three

Topic: Business and Money

Rhetorical Function: Letter to the editor (argumentation)

Organization Skills: Writing reactions to a reading selection

Supporting an opinion with a general statement and examples

The use of modals, e.g. “must”, “have to”, “should”, “ought to” to express strong or moderate opinions


Midterm test


Weeks 7-8

Chapter Four

Topic: Jobs and Professions

Rhetorical Function: autobiographical narration

Organization Skills: Limiting information, writing topic sentences, writing concluding sentences

Use of  Past tense, present perfect, present perfect continuous

Use of demonstratives to maintain cohesion


Weeks 9-10

Chapter Five

Topic: Life Styles Around the World

Rhetorical Function: Autobiographical narration

Organization Skills: Narrative organization, use of details

Use of the past perfect


Midterm test


Weeks 11-12

Chapter Nine

Topic: New Frontiers

Rhetorical Function: Description

Organization Skills: Making comparisons while keeping related

information together

 Using the passive voice, varying word order, e.g. “with + NP”;


Weeks 13-14

Chapter Twelve

Topic: With Liberty and Justice for All

Rhetorical Function: Argument with audience in mind

Organization Skills: Determining one’s audience, predicting and countering objections, making an outline

Using the conditional mood

Linking expressions and transition word


Final Exam