Writing 2


Course number & Code : Najd 164

Course title: Writing II (Level Two). Contact hours: 4

Textbook: INTERACTIONS 2/ WRITING/ 4th edition

-(Prerequisite: Writing I)

Chapters to be covered: 8 to 10


Content and Objectives

Writing II is an intermediate course designed to consolidate students’ knowledge of paragraph structure, organization, and function in the essay. The paragraphs dealt with focus on: description, argumentation, autobiographical narration, and classification. In addition, students are introduced to short letters where they react to a particular text. Each chapter in the course focuses on grammatical aspects and rhetorical functions that contribute to the paragraph type or the letter type. At this level, students are encouraged to write with an audience in mind.



Writing with an audience in mind

Writing an idea map

Selecting relevant ideas

Writing an outline


Editing for organization

Editing for form

Sub-Skills and strategies

1.      Brief revision of the 3 types of sentences; simple, compound and complex.

2.      Brief revision of the nature of clauses, and the technicalities of joining them.

3.      Brief revision of independent vs. dependent clauses.

4.      The development of complex sentences by the use of different types of dependent clauses.

5.      Presentation of ideas in order of importance.

6.      Developing the topic sentence.

7.      Usage of the concluding sentence.

8.      Development of cohesion, and the retention of reader interest, by the use of transition words.

9.      Moderation of opinions by the use of adverbs of frequency.

10.  Use of quantifiers.

11.  Use of modals.

12.  How to support opinions.

13.  Differentiating between strong and moderate opinions.

14.   Appropriate use of different past tenses.

15.  Use of relative clauses.