Listening 2


Course number & Code: Najd 129

Course title: Listening II (Level Two)/ Contact hours: 3


(Prerequisite: Listening I)

Chapters to be covered: 8 to 10


Content and objectives

The listening component of this course is designed for intermediate students. Materials used here are longer and require some sophisticated skills that were introduced at Level One. The passages grammatical and semantic structures are elaborate. The students are taught the importance of the mechanics of speech, i.e. intonation, rhetoric, pitch, and their effects on meaning assignment. The emphasis is on note-taking and understanding contextual clues. Because the listening course is meant for prospective novice interpreters and translators, students are trained to pay attention to what they listen to, to practice quick storage of language and content in memory, and to exhibit speed in message retrieval.



The course seeks to develop and foster the following skills:

Taking notes on specific information

Inferring main ideas

Identifying stated illocutionary forces

Inferring illocutionary forces

Following instructions

Writing an outline

Producing a summary

Retention of information

Retrieval of information