Grammar 1 Course Plan



Week 1: Introduction

Skills: The constituents of the simple sentence in English


Week 2

Chapter One: School Life Around the World

Skills: The verb “Be”, the simple present, personal pronouns, possessive adjectives.


Week 3

Chapter Two: Experiencing Nature

Skills: Use of “There is”, “There are”, Questions with ‘whose’ and possessive nouns, the present continuous tense and non-action verbs, Modal auxiliaries ‘can’, ‘may’, might’ and ‘will’.


Week 4

Consolidation exercises of what was seen in chapters One and Two


Week 5

Chapter Three: Living to Eat or eating to Live

Skills: Nouns and expression of quantity, comparisons, Model verbs in requests, offers, and permission.


Week 6

Chapter Four: In the Community

Skills: Future verb forms, Phrasal verbs, Prepositions of place and time, articles.


Week 7

Consolidation exercises of what was seen in Chapters Three, and Four.


Midterm test


Week 8

Chapter Five: Home

Skills: The simple past tense, “used to”.


Week 9

Chapter V: Home

Skills: Regular verbs, irregular verbs, and connecting words. Consolidation exercises.


Week 10

Chapter Six: Cultures of the World

Skills: The present perfect tense, superlatives, Comparison with so, too, neither, either


Midterm test


Week 11

Consolidation exercises.


Week 12

Chapter Seven: Health

Skills: Verb + Object + Infinitive, Modal verbs: should, ought to, had better, have to, and must.


Weeks 13 and 14

Consolidation exercises for chapter seven.