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Eng 122

  Course Title: English for Science
  Course Number: 122
Level: 2
Hours: 3
  Basic English for Grammar by Betty Schramfer Azar, 122 Science English booklet includes reading and scientific units.
  This course will enable the students to use simple present and present progressive in sentences. Also to focus on grammar to promote the development of all language skills. The reading will help the students to practice answering exercises from the reading text and learn new scientific vocabulary.

Syllabus Distribution

Week 1 Registration
Week 2 Spelling -ing
Week 3 Wh quistions
Unit 4
Week 4 Simple present and present progressive
Unit 5
Week 5 Preposition
The Locusts "reading"
Week 6 1st midterm
Week 7 The Guallula "reading"
Week 8 Adjectives
Unit 6
Week 9 How to kill a Plant? "reading"
Unit 7
Week 10 Adjectives + nouns
Week 11 Subject Pronoun + Object Pronoun
Week 12 The Memory
Nouns of singular and plural
Week 13 2nd midterm
Week 14 The Brain
Week 15 Revision
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