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 Eng 102

  Course Title: Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary for Computing
  Course Number: 102
Level: 1
Hours: 6
  Computers today, Basic English Grammar by Betty Schramfer Azar. 102 Writing Booklet.
  Content and Objectives:
  This course will enable the students to use computer applications in everyday life, buildup new words by using prefixes and how to buy a computer from a shop. Also students will be able to understand the structure of different CPU's. Students will learn how to use punctuation marks.

Syllabus Distribution

Week 1 Registration
Week 2 Introduction
Computers in everyday life
Week 3 Using punctuation marks
Simple present + present progressive
Week 4 Computing vocabulary
Week 5 Simple past
Connecting ideas with and
Week 6 1st midterm
Phrasel verbs
Week 7 Using because
How to shop for a computer
Week 8 Using Even Though in sentences
Input Devices
Week 9 Output Devices
Storage Devices
Week 10 Writing an e-mail
Compare present progressive with past progressive
Week 11 Writing a paragraph
Week 12 Writing a CV
The brain of the computer CPU
Week 13 2nd midterm
Week 14 Prefixes
Week 15 Revision
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