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COURSE Description


Course Title: Reading & Writing

Course Code: 101 & 102 NGR

Number of credit hours:  3 hrs.

Reference Book : I nteractions reading & writing (access)


I- Course Description:

            This course aims at encouraging students to become actively involved in their own reading development. Students' thoughts and input are crucial in the reading process. They need to form ideas before reading a selection, pick out important ideas as they read, and finally consider and discuss critically the main idea - the writer's message. This is done through varied, ample genres and techniques for practices. The students' attention is also drawn to correct pronunciation and stops in accordance with punctuation marks. The feedbacks the students get from this course represent specific strategies for improving their reading speed without sacrificing comprehension and understand the authentic language.


II- Rationale:

Students must maximize their opportunities for discussion and negotiation. Teachers have to develop and take care of this skill with their students in order to encourage them; thus providing them with self-assessment tools. This course teaches students to implement communication-based activities. Furthermore, it teaches them how to manage difficulties they may encounter in analyzing points of contrast, eliminating unacceptable choices and making inferences. This represents a sufficient justification for the inclusion of this course in the English teaching program. 

II-Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, English majors are expected to be able to

1. become independent readers.

2. use academic textbooks.

3. Use intuition and knowledge of word structure and inference to select the meanings closest to the words in italics in the phrases taken from the reading.

4. Identify synonyms from parallel constructions.

5. Make inferences and draw conclusion.

6. Paraphrase main ideas.

7. Identify the standardized tests by analyzing correct answers, eliminating incorrect choices, reading between the lines, making inferences and finding implied ideas in passages.

8. Improve their reading speed and comprehension.

9. Involve in various classroom activities on reading: discussion, negotiation, giving suggestion and making inferences.

10. Read in word groups with special emphasis on their stress and intonation.

11. Improve their visual perception of words and phrases.

12. Improve their ability of rapid and accurate eye fixations to get the general idea about the whole   reading selection.

13. Use the context clues as one of the basic types of word recognition skills.

14. Read silently to speed up the reading rate through the guidance of the reading teacher.

15. Narrate, describe, and summarize events as well as commentary reactions. This is considered an essential part of the established EFL program.







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