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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


1.                  Which of the following classes of materials bond to dentine and prevent microleakage:


1.  Dental amalgam

2.  Glass ionomers

3.  Composite resins

4.  ZOE materials

5.  CaOH materials


a.  1 and 3

b.  2 and 5

c.  2 and 4

d.  3 and 5

e.  1 and 2



2.                  Which of the following is indicated for use as a liner under a composite resin restoration:


a.  Calcium Hydroxide


c.  Copal Varnish

d.  ZOE




3.                  What is the most common cause of root canal treatment failure:


a.  Inadequate lateral condensation

b.  Inadequate flaring of the canal orifice

c.  Inadequate vertical condensation

d.  Apical microleakage

e.  Coronal microleakage.



4.                  Which of the following is not a strong indication for amalgam restoration replacement:


a.  Gross color mismatch and the patient desires replacement.

b.  Occlusal margin discrepancies that can be probed with a width of < 0.4mm

c.  Gingival margin discrepancies that can be probed with a width of >0.2mm

            d.  Missing restoration

      e.  A substantial margin overhang causing periodontal problems that cannot be removed through     alternative means.

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