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RDS  213 


  Credit: 6 Hours



RDS 213

Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry






This course consists of two main components, the principles of cavity preparations for the currently available restoratives and their physical and manipulative characteristics and cavity restoration. The course is provided by the RDS Department during the two semesters of the second year of the RDS program.


The RDS 213 is a six credit hours course, 3 credit hours for each semester (1+2+0).


This module will provide students with an overview of the Operative Dentistry Procedures, their organization, the different kinds of restorative materials that will be used and the types of testing and grading procedures employed.


This course is critically important for the student's future as a practitioner as it prepares students to provide the major portion of dental care to his patients.


The RDS 213 course is a combination of lectures and lab exercises, representing different restorative procedures in Operative Dentistry.


All lectures, instructional procedures and materials have been designed to help student developing the knowledge, skills and judgment necessary to achieve the goals of Operative Dentistry Program.


The development and exercise of integrity is as essential to your competency in dental care as in the development of your knowledge and skills.



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