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 Questions were not at all as simple as it appears here, they were very tricky and very tough!

1.Depression is associated with which of the following sleep patterns ?

-decreased REM latency
-decreased REM normal NREM
-decreased stage 2 NREM
-decreased stage 4 NREM

2.What is the defense mechanism of borderline  personality disorder ?





3.What is the drug interaction of St-John`s wort with SSRI?

-Serotonin syndrome.

-Neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

-Decrease body temperature.

-increase heart rate.





4.An aged female with history of depression for two months comes to psychiatrist. She admits using St John’s Wort 300 mg for last 1 week in consultation with a naturopath. What should be done?
-Stop using St John’s Wort and add Sertraline.
-Increase dosage of St John’s Wort to 1800 mg.
-Coadminister St John’s wort at reduced dosage of 50% with Sertraline for its safe.
-give paxel.

5.Pt is on Lithium therapy becomes hypothyroid. What is the treatment?

-Reduce dose of lithium to 50% .
-Start levothyroxine.
-Stop lithium.

-give drug holiday.




6.Pt on Lithium therapy became weak, lethargic, and Intolerant to heat. What Investigation must be done?

-Lithium level .
-Monitor TSH level.

-CBCand diff.


7.In Autistic disorder choose the best option ?
-More common in girls .

-cause by contact with animal.
-Autosomal recessive.
- Occurs in about .75 per 1000 children.



8.Hand washing ritual in 11 years old. Mother is very worried and does not treatment with any medication. Which one is the best option? which psychotherapy?

-Cognitive behavioral therapy.

-supportive psychotherapy.

-group therapy.
-Family therapy.

9.Which of the drugs cause amnesia the most?


10.Which is not a part of normal grief reaction?

-physical symptoms
-preoccupation with suicide
-hearing voices
-consider himself responsible

11.Anti-depressant treatment should be carried on for how many months?

-indefinite time




12.Which type of personality disorder is Ego syntonic ?

-OC Personality

-avoidant personality

-schizotypal personality

-borderline personality

13.Which lab investigation should be done befor intiating clozapine treatment?

-CBC  with diff


-lipid profile


 14.Loosening of association associated with :



-social phobia


15. F, 37 years has problems at work for several months, she also has episodes of hyperactivity & euphoria. These were preceded by episodes of sadness & inability to cooperate with her colleagues in spite trying hard to do her best. What is the diagnosis?

-Bipolar disorder
-Masked depression
-Factitious disorder


16. Anorexia Nervosa cause:

-atrophic breast
-dental crown

17. What is Delusion?


-irresistible idea
-a persistent beliefs contradicting
-a fixed thought

-shakable believe


18. Schizophrenia is most commonly associated to :

-monozygotic twins
-dizygotic twins
-family history

19.A man admitted for operation present with confusion on the 5th post-Op day. Which one is a feature of delirium?

-Depressed mood, preoccupation with suicide.
-thinks himself the best person and should be shifted to the best ward
-Is upset with shadows and constantly asks time
-Thinks of buying everybody a jacket

20.Case of drug addiction with rhinorrhea, tachycardia, dilated pupils & HTN. Most likely cause is:

-opiod withdrawl

21.Child 9 years old studying in kindergarten, is unable to read, write or even to color a picture. He becomes happy when he answers simple questions. What is your diagnosis?

-Mental retardation
-Specific learning disability


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