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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

PO Box  231156  Riyadh 11321

Mobile No: 00966506263880                                                                                                              Fax No:  009661467257

E-mail: shalenezi@yahoo.com.


Shuliweeh Menwer R Al-Enezi


Personal Information

·        Nationality: Saudi.

·        Marital Status: Married with two daughters.

·        Date of Birth: 12/2/1982.

·        Language:  Arabic and English.

·        Hobbies and Interest :

Watching and playing football.

Interested in computer applications, Internet.

Interacting with others and making friendship.

Spending quality time with my family.


·        MBBS Degree, college of Medicine, king Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2006).

·        One year Internship was completed with an excellent evaluation report at August 2007.

Exam have been passed

·        MCCEE (January 2008).

·        Saudi License Exam: ( September 2006).


·        1 year internship at King Khalid University hospital  (2006-2007)

·        Demonstrator at King Saud University, College of Medicine and Resident at king Khalid University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry (20 August  2007 – till now).


Symposia and Workshops

·        Basic cardiac life support program (BLS).

·        Advanced cardiac life support program (ACLS).

·        GCC Evidence Based Clinical Practice (Basic) Workshop ;( college of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital 4-6November 2006).

·         GCC Evidence Based Clinical Practice (Advanced) Workshop ;( college of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital 7-8 November  2006).

·        Psychological Disorder Recognition and Management  Workshop;(Dr.Erfan and Bagdedo Hospital 13th  March 2008).

·        Family as Preventive Therapeutic Milieu  Workshop;(Dr.Erfan and Bagdedo Hospital 12th  March 2008).

·        The 8th  Annual Jeddah Psychiatric Symposium on 12th and 13th  March 2008).


·         Prevalence of depression among psychiatry residents in psychiatric hospital in Riyadh (2008), supervised by Dr Fahad Al-Wahabi (consultant Psychiatrist and assistant professor at King Khalid University Hospital).

·         Knowledge and attitudes of pediatricians toward ADHD (2008), supervised by Dr.Fahad Al-Oassaimi ; Senior Registrar  at King Khalid University Hospital.




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