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Introduction Practical


     Course Name: Introduction to Dental Hygiene Lab

     Course Code: DEH 241

     Credit hrs : 2 hrs

     Course level: level 4



Course schedule 

 Every Monday from 11 to 1 pm






 Describe course

Ms Areej 


 Define plaque and calculus

Ms Muneera 



 Instruments design and parts  Classification of instrument Periodontal Exam. Instruments (Mouth mirror,Explorer, Periodontal probe(types)

Ms Areej 



 Quiz (1)

Periodontal Tx instruments   (Sickle Scaler)

Ms Munnera 


 Crane Kaplan ,Jacquette

 Ms Areej


 Quiz (2)

Curets, Universal Curet

Ms Muneera 


Area specfic curet 

 Ms Areej


 Mid term Exam

Ms Areej+ MsMuneera 


 Periodontal file ,Hoe,Chisel, Plastic filling instruments

Ms Muneera 




Cumine, Mitchel, Spatula, Tweezrs, Scissors, Cheek Retractor, Bite Block

Ms Areej 


 Quiz (4)

Instruments Sharpening

Ms Muneera 




Disclosing agents, Plaque index, Tooth brushes,Criteria of ideal tooth brush,  Tooth brushing techniques(2-3methods)

Ms Areej 


                       REVISION  Ms Areej+  Ms Muneera

                     Final Exam

Ms Areej +Ms Muneera



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