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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة





     Course Name: In Patient

    Course Code: DEH 473

    Number of hrs per unit: 2

    Level Course:  level 7


Course Description:.

Its is the essentail part of a dental hygiene to educate inpatients about their oral health and hygiene.



Course Schedule

Every Saturday from 8 to 11 am





Describe the course 

 Dr.Nagal Ms Areej


Devide into two groups(A,B) 

 Dr. Nagla Ms Areej


 Preparation A

 Dr Nagla


 Preparation B

 Ms Areej


 1st visit (A)

 Dr Nagla


 1st visit (B)

Ms Areej 


 2nd visit (A)



 2nd visit (B)

 Ms Areej


 3rd visit (A)



 3rd visit (B)

 Ms Areej


1st visit (A) 



 1sd visit (B)

 Ms Areej


 Reports (B)

 Ms Areej



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