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Personal Profile


Name: Maha Abdullah Al-Hagbani

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 12 / 8 / 1984

Nationality: Saudi

Social state: married



v    elementary and intermediate certificates from Najd National Schools

v    High school certificate from Riyadh Najd schools

v    Bachelor Degree in Preschool education (Kindergartens) from King Saud University



v    Drawing with different kinds of paints ( watercolor – Acrylic – oil painting – pencil )

v    Writing (composing Arabic poem, prose and free verse)

v    Hand Crafts

v    Sports ( swimming – walking – exercises )

v    Photography

v    Decoration and Furniture arranging

v    Reading

v    Internet Browsing




v    First place winner of Holy Quran memorization contest for K-12 at Riyadh Eastern region level, Second place runner-up at city of Riyadh level...

v    I have done a private summer camp with different activities twice in a row, each has lasted for one month, using with my personal effort and arrangement, kids' number was between 17 – 25 kids...

v    Participated in " sonna`a`al hayat " a TV show for Amro Khaled in collecting clothes for poor families in the year of 1425 H...

v    Participated in a private festival for 70 orphans in al Aadha Eid ..

v    Participated in different occasions in school and college by reciting Qura'n and other pieces ..

v    Participation in University charity market two times in a row on date for selling various Islamic records, and on date for selling accessories. Making and posting flyers, and creating attractive stools and special slogan for the accessories corner

v    Participation in social charity event ..

v    Participation on organizing symposium on children's issues at King Saud University in the year 1427 H ..

v    Was Registered in the the section Friend in my college ..

v    Best student title at college or education level on date 1427 H ..


Computer Skills:


v    Using Microsoft Word in an excellent way...

v    Using Microsoft PowerPoint in an excellent way...

v    Using Windows Movie Maker in an excellent way

v    Using photo Shop in a good way...


Personal Skills:


v    Speaking and Writing in English

v    Good in leading a group of people

v    Elocution

v    Reciting Qura'n


Curriculum description:


v        Students of education field training supervisor according to enclosed training plan

v        Member at field training committee


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