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Published  in Bul.Fac.of Agric., University of Cairo, Vol. 42(1):1-14, 1991,Egypt.

Field Performance of Low Pressure Center Pivot Systems In Desert Conditions

Ahmed I. Al-Amoud and Hussein M. Al-Ghobari

Agricultural Engineering Department,College of Food Sciences & Agriculture,

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


             A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance of various low pressure center pivot systems operating in the central region of Saudi Arabia. Six pivotes were selected at random and tested for the uniformity of water distribution. The distribution uniformity was estimated by the Heerman and Hein equation and results were compared with uniformity estimates using modified Chrisiansen, low quarter and potential irrigation uniformity methods. Results have shown that four of the six pivots were performing satisfactorily, while the remaining two were below the acceptable level of distribution uniformity for a center pivot. An experiment was also conducted for nozzles to establish an optimum spacing for these pivots to improve their uniformities.


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