Personal Information:

Name:                                                    Amal Suleiman Al-Awdah

Sex:                                                        Female

Place of Birth:                                       California, USA

Citizenship:                                           Saudi

Marital status:                                       Married

E-mail Address:                                     dramal@gmail.com



2012          Masters Degree in Operative Dentistry from College of Dentistry of King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2006          B.D.S, Bachelor degree of Dental Surgery from College of Dentistry of King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2007          Completion of Internship Program conducted by: King Saud University. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Conferences, Symposia and Seminars Attended:

27-30 April 2002: 7th Saudi Dental Congress

 14 September 2006 : Attended lecture in "Mandibular over Denture Supported with two Implants a Minimum Standard of care for the Edentulous" &" Risk Factor & Management of Wound Dehiscence in Implant Dentistry".Saudi Ossiointegration and dental implantology club 

5 November 2006: Symposium on " Amalgam Restorations: Usage and Safety Issues"

 3 December 2006:  Attended lecture in:" Principles of Tooth Preparations for Complete Crowns- Clinical review" & "Management of Induced Denture Stomatitis"

 29 January 2007:Attended Workshop on:" Implant Dentistry: Step by step Surgical and Prosthetic Procedure"

 29-31 January 2007: Attended the 18th Saudi International Dental Congress

 7-9 April 2007:   Attended the 1st National Guard Dental  Symposium, New Dental Era.

 26-November 2007:   Continuous Dental Educational Program about  “Smoking” Held by  theMinistry of Health, Riyadh MedicalComplex)

 2- April 2008:  Attending the: AGD Day which was conducted in King Abdulaziz Medical City- NGHA.

6-April 2008 :   Attending mounthly scientific activitied by the Saudi Dental Society: "Esthtic tooth whitening, Managment of Iatrogenic problems in Endodontics"

Membership in Professional Organization and Societies:

2002-till present :Member in The Saudi Dental Society                                

2007- till present:Member in The Antismoke Charitable Association