Lectures Out Line:

1.     RDS 211:

              Dental Matrices



Required Reading


1. To define matrices and dental matrices.

2. Understand the uses of dental matrices.

3. To know the ideal requirements of dental matrices.

4. To differentiate between different types of matrices.

5. To know the application of each type of these matrices and to focus on the application and removal of the universal Tofflemire matrix.

6. The wooden wedge and their need, the requirements and importance.


- Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry by Schwartz et al., 2nd ed. Pages 336 -345

-Textbook of Operative Dentistry, 3rd edition. Baum, Phillips & Lund Pages 341 - 363












       RDS 411:

                           Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth



Required Reading


1. Understand the importance of proper management of endodontically treated teeth in restorative dentistry.

2. How to diagnose and determine the level of treatment in case of badly broken down teeth.

3. Understand and know the different technique in managing anterior endodontically treated teeth.

4. Understand and know the different technique in managing posterior endodontically treated teeth.


-Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach 2nd edition, Schwartz, Chapter 21, pages 546-566