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I have been requested to write an abstract of my resume. However, to write about myself, I might be a bit boasting or proud, to find myself booming in overclouded sea of flooding waves. Hereunder, I am going to narrate as much as possible. I am , Yhaya Bin Zain Bin Yahya. I graduated from Imam University in Riyadh, Department of Arabic Language, in 1426 AH (2005) then I joined post graduation studies in the same university in the department of syntax, morphology and Philology. I graduated in 1427AH 92006) then I worked as a teacher in Aseer administration of Education up to 1428AH (2007) then I returned to the King Saud university.


Creative Product


-         I claim Writing poetry and sometimes tend to write prose to state some scattered feelings of life.

-         I have some literary participations as well as critical thoughts in the site " Sakhir"

-         Currently I devote my self to comply my poetic hints to be included in a manuscript to be named: "Remains of A lover". I also intend to collect scattered prose  attempts in a booklet to be named: "Victim of Silence"

-         I wrote a collection of researches in my university career most important of which are:

-         Cases of Transitivity and intransitivity " Applied Theoretical Study"

-         Rhetorical Art in Al Mutanabbi Poem: "It is enough plague to see death as a healer"

-         Intrinsic Experience in poetry of : Ahmed Alsalem

-         Prose proverbs in "Arabian Tongue" Syntactic Morphological study in letter "B"

-         Chapter of "Sana" and similar functionality "Theoretical Study in  Sibawaih book"

-         Youth abandonment to marriage " crisis and solution" , a questionnaire distributed among one thousand persons

-         Verses, that are mixed up in declension, collection and abstract , within sixteen works

-         Ending on first person mode words " applied theoretical study"

-         Divan of "From Intrinsic Echo", " applied critical study"

-         Divan of "Kisses on sand and stone" , " applied critical study"

-         Divan of " Mind Release" " applied critical study"

-         Extravagance in marriage manifestations " dilemma and remedy"


I hold two certificates in computer one in Text processing and data insertion and the other in computer maintenance and use


Finally: I do not claim virtue in such resume, however, I have been forced to process such presentation and did as best as possible, if bad, it my self and if good its my God


Best appreciation


Yhaya Bin Zain Bin Yahya KHTTAR                                YZK@GAWAB.COM

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