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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

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(BDS) Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, major: General Dentistry  from King Saud University, graduated in academic year 2005/2006.

Training courses:

  1. In the residency training program for a period of one month in King Abdulaziz Dental Clinic, King Fahad National Guard Hospital – 2004.
  2. The continuing education course on infection control in dental clinics – 2005.
  3. The continuing educational course & workshop on "implant dentistry: step by step surgical & prosthetic procedures"- 2007.
  4. The continuing educational course & workshop on "porcelain veneers in 2007 advancing  from good to excellent" in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre -Jeddah, Department of Dentistry -2007.

Internship in the following locations for a period of one year:

    1. Security Forces Hospital.
    2. King Abdulaziz Medical City- National Guard & Health Affairs in the Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Surgery
    3. Dental college in K.S.U 
    4. Riyadh military hospital 2006/2007   

Current employee in a position of Demonstrator, Division of periodontics, Department of Preventive Dental Science, College of  Dentistry,  King Saud University – 2007.
Attended basic & advance cardiac life support course
Research experience:

  1. Mother's knowledge & attitude toward her child dental care.  A public health dentistry community service in different female centers in Riyadh, 2005-2006
  2. Forensic Odontology in Saudi Arabia; review and case reports. by: Dr. Hend Al-Harbi & Dr. May Al-Qahtani, faculty Supervisor: Dr. Khalid Al-Hamdan, Assistant professor & head division of periodontics, Department of Preventive Dental      Science, College of  Dentistry,  King Saud University  - 2006-2007

Other Activities:

  1. Literature review in "Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia"  Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Suliman Shalhoub,  Assistant professor in oral & maxillofacial surgery, college of dentistry, KSU - 2002/2003
  2. Literature review & presentation in:  "Association of Oral Cancer to Tobacco & Smoking" Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Aziza Al-Mobereek, Assistant professor in maxillofacial surgery & diagnostic science, college of dentistry, KSU -  2005/2006
  3. Literature review in:- "Common Drugs Used in Dentistry for Pregnant Patients" - "Dental Office Medical Emergencies" - 2006
  4.  Course coordination experience

  Certificates  of attendance:

  1. The 7th Saudi dental congress - 2002
  2. The annual scientific & membership meeting of Saudi Dental Society (SDS) - 2004
  3.  The SDS annual scientific & IADR Saudi Arabian section meetings - 2005
  4. The scientific activity conducted by the Saudi oral diagnosis/medicine club on “interesting clinical comprehensive cases in oral diagnosis” - 2005
  5. The 17th Saudi international dental congress of the SDS - 2006
  6. The scientific activity of Saudi dental society 2006 on:
    1. “dental implants & implant site assessment”
    2. "principles of tooth preparation for complete crowns – clinical review" & "management of induced denture stomatitis".
  7. The 18th Saudi international dental congress of the SDS -2007
  8. 1st National Guard Dental Symposium and Workshops – 2007.
  9. The scientific activity of Saudi dental society 2008 on:
    1. “periodontal plastic surgery”
    2. “clinical consideration for immediate implant loading”.

Member,  Saudi Dental Society
Areas of interest:

  1. Periodontology - implantology  
  2.  Research field 


    1. Emphasis on importance of prevention and oral hygiene
    2. Excellent communication skills with patients.
    3. Ability to communicate with children and patients with special needs
    4. Ability to work individually or in a team to greatly contribute to the profession as a part of the health care team.                          


  1. Reading, and special interest in Arabic and international literature.
  2. Excellent drawing and art skills.



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